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Welcome boys and girls. In this article we are going to quickly teach you how to open your 3rd eye, AKA psychic abilities.

Draw this set of symbols on a piece of paper in a dark room under candle light. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, chant the word Tonruviyaan vibrating your body with the sound of the word. This is the method for repeating the chant. Do this over and over.

While chanting, visualize dark energy coming out of the symbols you just drew.

Concentrate while firmly visualizing that dark energy entering the middle of your forehead.

Hold this visualization as long as you can, while repeating the chant.

Tonerry on, tonerry on, over and over again.

Do this until you feel sensations in your head like buzzing, slight dizziness, or a mild headache.

Repeat this every day for about two weeks.

After two weeks, you should start getting much better results with this meditation.

This simple meditation will take you through the process of opening your psychic abilities through visualization, meditation, and energy manipulation.

Second method for opening 3rd eye:

This method is to be performed after mastering the first technique.

Burn the paper you drew the symbols on in the first exercise. Add more material to burn with these old papers so you make enough ashes. Save the ashes.
Now, Use the ashes to draw the symbols on your forehead. Then, focus on the same dark energy shooting out of your forehead into the air around you, while chanting Tonruviyaan over and over again. After the pressure in your head builds up from the ritual to its maximum, finish the ritual. Afterwords, take a cleansing bath or shower with sea salt. Cleansing is important when performing magical rituals.

That’s all for today, boys and girls. See you next time.

Socio-Politix w/ Captain Anarchy: HAPPY BENEDICT DONALD DAY SUCKAS

Well it’s January again, but this time it’s a presidential election year… and since Das Failed Führer Qrümp is running for election again everyone is hence remembering the events of his outrageous failed “January 6th Insürrection”, which he is also on criminal trial for now as well. And not so unbelievably there are many of his brainwashed jabroni cult followers out there who are still absurdly trying to vainly cling to a ludicrous notion that the George Floyd/B.L.M./Antifa “Summer of Riots”, as they most inappropriately like to call it, is somehow a subjective argument that justifies or at least lessens the severity of their Reichwing’s heinous coup d’etat attempt. But the truth is that it does not whatsoever, because trying to draw a comparison between the two incidents in order to attempt to justify the latter as being acceptable or a lesser crime, etc. is a false equivalence comparison and a lame poison politic “what-about-ism” at best considering the difference in the circumstances and actions taken. There is no “tit for tat”, as there is no fair comparison… it’s a false equivalency. Now not that motives or intent, etc. should be a factor in judging the equality of criminality of either incident, as it should not… but I will first note anyway that the “Summer of Riots” were actually riots that only occurred in 7% of the total number of legitimate peaceful protests over the murders of Floyd, Taylor, etc.. So in other words they only occurred in a mere fraction of the many otherwise peaceful protests, and the over-inflated notion that they ALL included riots is simply incorrectly perceived fear mongering nonsense based off of the mass media coverage which largely only reported on the riot aspects because televising violence and negativity equates to higher viewership and ratings, whereas footage of peaceful protests do not. Anyway, in regard to the riot aspect, I will also point out that there were three factors involved in that… The first was Alt-Right agent provocateurs “stirring up” and “egging on” the “bad element” among the crowd… that’s been proven. The second were Reichwing agents breeding fear by kidnapping protesters in unmarked vans under the order of Qrümp from behind the scenes, which of course caused a reaction of outrage on the left. There’s footage of the kidnappings, but not a lot of direct proof to connect Qrümp to them though… but trust me, he ordered them. And the third were simply rotten little bastard criminal opportunists unjustifiably taking advantage of the situation to loot, pillage and burn. Now some of the rioters were poor disenfranchised youth who were doing it because they felt like due to their suppression via civil inequality, and thus not being able to get a proper education and hence a high enough paying job to be able to ever move out of the ghetto, that it was their sole opportunity to at least finally get some of the more expensive nicer things in life that they felt they will probably never be able to afford. And I’m sure that some of them were also just middle class peeps doing it for cheap thrills, not because they couldn’t afford to buy the stuff themselves. But none of that makes it justifiable whatsoever, as a thief is a thief regardless of motive. And some were just creeps that simply like to vandalize and “watch the world burn”, which was also unjustifiable too. And none of them needed “egging on” to do it, but the agent provocateurs on the scene sure did encourage them further though. However it is also true that the larger majority of MAGA mooks at the Capitol also did not engage in breaking and entering or attacking police, etc., and that it was only an equally small percentage by comparison as well who did that shit. But the difference is they were smashing The People’s House that is public property and a national monument, etc., not private property owners shit like stores in malls and such. And they were doing so in a vain and illegal unjustifiable attempt to, at the very least, disrupt and delay the certification of the valid electoral votes, if not to also literally murder politicians and attempt an actual seditious act of insurrection. Plus they were doing so at the behest of their Failed Führer, a grifting liar con man who fed them a load of horse shit to fear monger them in to doing it. So yeah, I do contend that both instances did have some good people on both sides simply peacefully protesting. But both instances also had a rioter element as well. And NO rioters were justified on either side, regardless of their motivations based on their social class or coinciding level of wealth, psychotic need to see the world burn, political agenda, etc… and therefore both instances were bad and wrong on the part of those who actually rioted. And let’s face it… all that rioting usually ever achieves anyway is to hurt an otherwise often times legitimate cause as well. But again; motives or intent, etc. should not be a factor in judging the equality of criminality of either incident. And I mean yes, I do see peaceful protests on either side of the aisle in general as being a positive big “fuck you” to the government. So I’m fine with them being conducted by the downtrodden on the left over the outrage of police brutality and murders, civil injustice and inequality etc.. And I’m also fine with them being conducted on the right over them feeling marginalized by their own government and possibly cheated in their election, etc. because I absolutely can and do relate to rises against perceived tyranny as well… but only those that are grounded in reality, fact and truth, not ones that are based on the lies of a sore loser with no concrete evidence and horse shit false conspiracy theories concocted by whack-a-doodle rabbit hole cults being used to support it. And yeah, in the long run maybe the “Summer of Riots” chooches caused more physical and financial damage, and maybe even more people were injured or killed overall, and more people and businesses, etc. suffered. But rotten little criminal opportunist taggers, thieves and arson freaks turning some peaceful protests in to riots in order to create opportunities for themselves to wreck public and private owner’s buildings, throw firecrackers and rocks at cops, flip over cop cars, smash windows to steal televisions and tennis shoes, spray paint walls, and set shit on fire, etc. far pales by comparison to, and is in no way, shape or form on the same level of criminality as, grown ass adults intentionally attacking the nation’s seat of power and trashing the Capitol Building, disrupting one of our government’s most vital proceedings (which was a completely valid one), beating up and killing cops, and hunting and trying to murder politicians (and getting some of themselves killed while doing so) in an unjustifiable insurrection attempt at a coup based on lies of election fraud which they had zero concrete evidence of with which to justify their actions, and doing so under the seditionary direction of their favored politician who fed them those lies. So no, I don’t see it as a subjective argument whatsoever… it’s totally a false equivalency…. sorry, not sorry. And I mean not that I give a shit about corporate stores getting screwed, as all they do is screw us financially anyway, and they have insurance to cover it. But that just means their prices go up, and that I’m not okay with ‘cuz it effects me and all of us directly. Nor am I okay with small business owners getting screwed over whatsoever, as that is not cool at all. And not that I give a shit about the Capitol Building itself either, although I do like old or ancient architecture though, and I hate to see stuff like that get destroyed, especially as I would like to visit it one day. Nor do I care about cops all that much either, since they’ve beat my ass a lot for no good reason in the past… but someone’s gotta keep the peace I suppose, since we live in a world of fucking infantile-minded thugs, so by the same token I don’t necessarily wanna see them get hurt or killed, and they are human beings after all, even if some are shitty ones though. Plus I don’t really give all that much of a shit about the government or the fake voting system anyway, as I think the politicians on both sides of the aisle are all just “bad actor” puppets acting in a false left-right paradigm shit-show sham charade to keep us divided, and they do so under the orders of a Shadow Government, so they get whatever comes their way if they cause so much division that it gets ugly, I guess. But, then again, I suppose someone’s gotta govern to some extent, since most people are too fucking immature to govern themselves. And politicians are human beings too, after all… or at least sort of, again even if they’re shitty ones, so I don’t necessarily wanna see them get hurt or killed either, per se. And the same goes for the MAGA mooks, even though I joke about them having their heads put on spikes. ‘Cuz I mean the flip-side of the coin is that I would prefer that there be peace and some semblance of order, and that no one lose their stuff, get hurt or killed, or any of that shit though… obviously, ‘cuz I’m not a douche. But again; I don’t consider any outlier motives of anyone on either side to be an excuse for their actions, or as a reason for a “hall pass” for a lesser punishment either, per se… nor should those things be factors in whether or not both sides are considered equally criminal in intent. The only factor that should determine THAT are the types of crimes committed and the level of their severity. And I am not okay with rioting on either side in any way, shape or form, regardless of motivation, intent, etc. either… period. And I do feel that the punishments should fit the crime, because if not then I mean we might as well just make one universal punishment for all crimes, regardless not only of motivation or level of discontent but also in consideration of intent and level of severity, etc. too… which would be totally unfair in many cases, and also be a completely unacceptable mere “slap on the wrist” in many others. I mean whadda you wanna do… give a tagger, thief or arson freak at a riot the same sentence as a guy who killed a cop at an insurrection attempt ? Come on man… gimme a fuckin’ break. SMFH. No… the type of punishment rendered should fit the crime. But they should not be the same on both sides, because the more severe crimes deserve more severe punishments, which I do not feel were severe enough on either side at all whatsoever though. I think there was too much leniency on the left, with too much “catch and release” policy bullshit, dropped cases, mild or reduced sentences, etc., as there should’ve been stronger enforcement of the law and harsher consequences instead. No excuses should have been made for the progressive instances, nor leniency given. And I also think there was too much leniency on the right as well, in terms of there being many grievous offenders that were held to an underwhelming amount of accountability in their sentencing… ‘cuz I guaran-fucking-tee that if you walked to your corner and beat the shit out of a cop, bashed him with a fire extinguisher, crushed him in a doorway, electrocuted him with his own taser and caused him to have a heart attack and be hospitalized, end up with life altering mental and/or physical trauma, or killed him, or sprayed him with bear mace and caused him to die a day or two later from an allergic reaction, etc., like some of those mooks did to some of the Capitol Police, then you would be serving a lot longer sentence than what many of them got. Just sayin’. And that is why the sentences were rightfully harsher for the insurrectionists though, because the nature of their crimes were more heinous, and therefore the penalties had to reflect that accordingly… as well they should. So no, the bottom line is that aside from and regardless of motives, intent or any of that, and solely based just on what occurred and the largely different natures and levels of severity of the crimes alone, the two incidents are vastly different. They were not equal circumstances, and they are not equal crimes, and therefore they cannot be fairly compared to one another. And attempting to compare them is thus undeniably and irrefutably a false equivalence argument, not a subjective one whatsoever… period, end of story, THE END P.S.: It should also be noted that I am making the part of my argument here regarding the validity verses alleged invalidity of the 2020 election for the sake of those of you who actually believe that there is a two party system running our government, that your votes are actually even counted, and that elections are run relatively fairly and un-corrupted, etc… as opposed to what I personally believe, which again is that politicians are selected by a Shadow Government, not elected by “We The People”, and that therefore voting is all just a sham and that politicians are simply paid “bad actor” puppets putting on a false left-right shit-show charade to placate us by conning us in to believing that we actually have “a voice” and thus “a choice” through a so-called “voting system”, and to also thereby keep us divided and at each other’s throats, and thus off-kilter and distracted, while they slip the nefarious agendas of their marionette masters in to place and law right underneath our big dumb noses.

The Life Of The Sunset Strip: Mikael Maglieri Sr. 1950-2023 by Lisa Burke

Where do we even begin when discussing the life of a true legend of the Sunset Strip, Mikael Maglieri Sr.? His recent passing on November 5, 2023 from a heart attack came as a bit of a shock, since at the age of 73, he was still so actively involved at the Rainbow etc. His father, Mario Maglieri (King of the Sunset Strip) deceased May 4th, 2017 at 93 was, of course, the original co-owner of The Whisky A Go Go and The Rainbow Bar And Grill. Mikael Maglieri was born in 1950 Chicago, and later his family migrated to Los Angeles, CA, where his father joined up with Elmer Valentine and Lou Adler to blow up the Sunset Strip with the sound of rock and roll. Thus, Mikael Maglieri Sr. literally grew up on the Sunset Strip, and even began his time working as a busboy at the Whisky during the late 1960’s. He quickly became a leader, taking over for his dad on his days off, while witnessing all the best eras of live music up close and personal. It was during those crazy times with Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and later Slash, Axl Rose, Duff Mckagan, Sebastian Bach, Danzig, Lemmy Kilmister, plus a bunch of other famous hooligan musicians of the Sunset Strip, including Mötley Crüe themselves, when they were busy playing some of their greatest shows at the Whisky A Go Go. Mikael Maglieri Sr. was the glue of the Sunset Strip, sticking the rock and metal scene together over many, many years, and he really was a great, caring person with a true appreciation for the music that saved us all in the end. Thanks to the entire Maglieri family sticking to their proper Italian cooking and business roots, the Rainbow Bar and Grill became the best place to be before and after any live rock and roll and heavy metal shows in the area from the 1960’s through today. Today, in 2024, the Sunset Strip has gone through many changes, some unpleasant, such as losing the street takeover Sunset Strip Music Festival, as well as the Key Club, but the one constant has been the Rainbow and Whisky still belonging to the popular live music scenes, including heavy metal from all over the world. Many Scandinavian and European heavy metal bands that play a show in Los Angeles these days will make an effort to hang at the Rainbow before and after their shows. In their countries, the Rainbow Bar and Grill and Whisky A Go Go are famous landmarks of the best music history in the US to them. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Fernando Ribeiro (vocalist of the Portugal based band Moonspell), Mikael Stanne (vocalist of the Sweden based band Dark Tranquility), Jonne Järvelä (vocalist of the finland based band Korpiklaani), Johan Hegg (vocalist of Sweden based band Amon Amarth), as well as countless others all in the late hours at the Rainbow. This is thanks to all of the Maglieri family, including Mikael Sr’s son Mikael “Mikey” Maglieri, who is now the newest owner of the Whisky and Rainbow, along with his sisters Cheryl and Gina, plus three grandchildren of Mikael Sr. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the Whisky A Go Go. If you haven’t seen Cheryl or Mikey at the Whisky A Go Go, then you haven’t been there. It is quite apparent, that even through the beginning of the pandemic, they kept the Rainbow alive however best they could. Not being able to have live music shows at the Whisky A Go Go was a cruel time to be alive. However, today, it still strongly shows the influence and love for live music that the family has brought from the world to their home. From the wild old days of Slash, most inclined to pass out on the front curb by the Rainbow in the early hours of the morning, to the modern two day party binge rocker crowd that has the occasional slip up of passing out at the bar or being kicked out for one reason or another, the Maglieri’s have been there throughout it all. They always stay true to those who stay true to them. Loyalty is a way of life for them, as it should be for everyone. Mikael Sr. was a dear loyal friend of Lemmy Kilmister, and he wanted to honor him after his passing, at his Rainbow home. He brought in the Lemmy statue and Lemmy Lounge, which is now a staple of the Rainbow, as the real Lemmy was a staple of the Rainbow patio where he played his favorite bar game machine while drinking Jack and Cokes, and making friends with the bartenders. Now, with both of them deceased, along with Mario Maglieri, we can only hope they are hanging out at the Rainbow of the afterlife, while all their favorite musician friends play the best music all around them. In the words of Lemmy Kilmister “I don’t believe in heaven or hell. I don’t believe in anything that was dreamed up by men.” In conclusion, Lemmy is God, and the late Mikael Maglieri Sr., and his father Mario Maglieri are in excellent hands.


LA Scoop by Tequila Mockingbird

Sometimes I look at pictures of iman’s eyes and I think I never want to fall in love because look at what you lose if you lose them I get pretty melancholy around David Bowie sometimes as do most of us style and fashion seem to leave the planet when he left leaving us with fashion that resembles the unabomber’s best day hoodies beanies dark glasses I live my life in sweats I feel like most people look like they’ve just left the mental hospital in there pajama bottoms but other than that there’s the whiskey the rainbow Venice West the redwood knucklehead daddy diamonds Northgate and various underground venues to keep us entertained. I just spent 6 months at the helm of the LA Punk Museum choosing art for the walls of a gallery called Moda and helping rocket scientists hook up with rockstars. Life gets pretty amazingly complicated in Los Angeles and mostly it’s because people don’t eat enough caviar or Tommy’s burgers I’m not sure we got to keep the rock and roll culture alive I like to hang out at the whiskey a Go-Go watching Johnny nasty boots or Shimmer bed and sometimes even my band plays The viper room so it’s getting close to its inevitable disappearance. I ran into Tommy black from The viper room at the Hollywood Christmas parade this year he was playing with an interesting group of people who were playing with Eva Gardner from the cat and fiddle last year well when I say cat and fiddle I mean the band Pink but I know we’re from since she was born I have this wonderful painting of Robby Krieger that I’m giving to him from an artist named Johnny Mayhem he also did a really nice group of pictures that I’ll show you an upcoming articles the one good thing about running an art gallery is finding all these great artists I’m going to be opening online soon so you can see all the wonderful art that can be manifested by creative people and their take on the punk Museum mystique which is 1974 to 1984 with a little bit of a hangover for golf till 89. And don’t forget there’s also the Icelandic Punk Museum on Facebook and Instagram and there’s Martin Atkins from public image limited addition of the Punk Museum called The Museum of Post Punk and he ought to know having been in most of the cool post punk bands after Pil including Brian’s brain and Ministry ! The death of Atila Sikora was a great shock and the punk community. I’m at Attila in 1981 and received my first Mohawk from him as did hundreds of thousands of other people in LA he was LA’s Punk hair cutter loved and revered with an incredible amount of Czechoslovakian flare. He also taught us how to take silver chewing gum wrappers and wrap them around your teeth for that metallic look he was always making us laugh and always doing art we had his work on display at the punk Museum over the last 11 years always creative making art for people everyday and just giving it away and you know what it showed when he left this planet that he was loved by thousands and thousands of people. X is making a new album I saw that they’re in the studio not the one owned y Elon musk but the real EX the band. I just seen John Doe acting in a movie called DOA which was brilliant and then exine’s been out hanging around Art gallery so all is right with the world we’re keeping our standards and being creative in different media that makes it nice when they get together and play music they all have something to bring to the party. Looks like the brewery will be having an art show in March and we’re going to showcase the Opera project called the continual return of Dr Ordinaire. With photos by Vern and an incredible tour of the entire installation filled with artists from top to bottom with all of their studios open for you to peruse to me it would be really difficult to throw open my doors and let people roam my apartment but they don’t seem to mind and it’s pretty fantastic to see all the different ideas that people have of perfection.

Dan Crenshaw and Garden of Eden Interview

we’s back w/ dan crenshaw and the garden of eden and here’s what he has to say…HOW ARE YOU?

DC: be there for opening rock nite wednesday day before namm to rock then other shows hang with my friends

what are you doing for NAMM?

DC: we’ll be doing guest spots at many events

are you playing the rainbow bar anniversary again?

DC: not doing rainbow party this year due to other shows around that date


DC: Bullerboys tour in england Scotland Kicks Off March 4th 2024 .Garden Of Eden Direct Support For Bulletboys Tour


DC: Last Words Thank You All fans,For Supporting Garden Of Eden Last 40

Madam Riot Interview


Troy E. Bravo/Chris Rodway: Doing great, thanks for having us on!


Troy E. Bravo: We’ve been around since 2021, playing the smaller venues around Orange County, but recently we’ve headed up to West Hollywood and decided to play the club circuit on Sunset Strip.


Troy E. Bravo: We’re influenced by a great number of groups. More notable ones would be WASP, White Zombie, Mother Love Bone, Aerosmith, Ozzy, Black Sabbath


Troy E. Bravo: The band consists of 4 members. My name is Troy Edson Bravo, I play lead guitar, and I’m also the songwriter of this group. Accompanied by Chris Rodway, a gifted singer and actor, lending his voice to our transcendent compositions, guiding listeners to a realm where love reigns supreme. The bassist, Odin Escobedo, weaves intricate rhythms that resonate with an otherworldly essence, inviting all to embrace the healing power of music. And Devin Cooney, our drummer, unleashes percussive enchantment, reminding us that within Madam Riot’s ethereal realm, love is the pulsating rhythm that unites us all. 


Chris Rodway: We just want to spread love and good vibes through some badass rock & roll! We aren’t out to imitate or emulate, we just play what we love, because it’s what we love and who we are! Each show is a party!


Chris Rodway: Our next show coming up is on February 10th at the House of Blues Anaheim. You can buy your tickets at our website, or by sending us a DM via social media! A RECORDINGS HAPPENING SOON? Chris Rodway: Absolutely, we have tons of material, & can’t wait to get back in the studio! The next one we are scaling up will definitely be a new Madam Riot release in 2024!


Chris Rodway: I’m not sure, all I know is that I thought I saw her on Spanish TV (that’s a Deadbolt lyric for those who don’t get the reference btw lol)


Troy E. Bravo: In a world yearning for peace and acceptance, spread of love, compassion, and understanding. Instead of spreading darkness, let us choose to illuminate the path towards unity and harmony. Remember that our dreams are not confined by doubt or fear, but rather propelled by our unwavering belief in ourselves and the transformative power of love. We alone have the ability to create a world where love triumphs over darkness, and where our collective dreams become a reality.”

“The Year of the Rabbit: A Rant on Overpopulation Annihilation and Double Standards”

As we step into the new year, many folks turn to astrology and horoscope readings for a glimpse into the future. Ever thought about the accuracy and relevance of Chinese astrology? Well, I have, and let me tell you, Chinese astrology, according to yours truly, Mojo El Diablo, beats the traditional horoscopes we’re used to. And with 2023 being the “Year of the Rabbit,” let’s dive into what this Chinese Zodiac sign has in store. Before we plunge into the rabbit hole, let’s address the elephant in the room. My latest rant comes with a special musical vibe from Circus of Dead Squirrels (CODS), where I shine a light on the double standards and hypocrisy in today’s society. Whether it’s the woke mentality or the pro-fat movement’s flirtation with capitalists, I don’t hold back on calling out these issues. Now, about Chinese astrology – every year is different, unlike the traditional birth month-based signs. Chinese astrology considers your birth year, cycling through 12 animal signs. Some Capricorns and Aquarians might not even be in the Chinese Zodiac predictions, as the Chinese New Year kicks off in February. Why pay attention to Chinese astrology, you ask? Well, according to me, Mojo, it involves more history, memorization, and math, making us think and work harder. In today’s instant society, a bit of extra mental exercise can’t hurt. Back to the “Year of the Rabbit” and what it means for us all. Let’s be clear – it’s not a good year for the rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac. In fact, it’s the worst year for the Rabbit since 1975. With 2023 approaching, we wonder what kind of chaos this will bring. Population and overpopulation have been hot topics for years, and I predict 2023 as the year of “overpopulation annihilation.” With my sharp tongue and no-holds-barred attitude, I call out the left and right-wing’s inaction. From refusing to hold the door open to constant bickering, I highlight the lack of unity in today’s society. But it’s not just politics in my rant. I bring attention to the hypocrisy in movements like the pro-fat and body positivity movements. Appealing to the left, they also cater to capitalist agendas. Embracing weight opens up a market for junk food companies. Continuing the rant, I delve into civil war and why it’s unlikely today. With everyone too scared to take action and a cafeteria with an open-door policy for [expletive] but a [expletive] rule for loudness, it’s clear we have a long way to go for real change. Before signing off, I shout out fellow creators facing censorship or algorithmic oversight. Big props to Legion of Lilith, Mother Mercy Hollywood, Janitor Jakes, Count MoriVond, The Predapool, Layla Dethroe, ShadowVessel π, Necro Nicki, and Rian Jude for their thought-provoking content. In conclusion, the “Year of the Rabbit” might bring changes and challenges. If my predictions and rants are anything to go by, it’ll be a wild ride. Buckle up and stay tuned for more from Mojo El Diablo, enlightening with an unconventional perspective. And, as always, don’t forget to like, comment, share, and support me o

“The Great Experiment: How Modern Society Has Failed Us”

The United States of America has often been referred to as the “great experiment.” With its diverse population, democratic governance, and ideals of freedom and equality, it has been seen as a model for the rest of the world. However, in recent years, it has become evident that this experiment may not be working as intended. The rise of the #MeToo movement, the glorification of victimhood, and the demonization of certain groups have all contributed to the downfall of our modern society. In this article, we will explore how these factors have led to the failure of the great American experiment. The #MeToo movement began as a platform for women to speak out against sexual harassment and assault. However, with the wrong people coming into power, it quickly turned into a tool for spiteful individuals to ruin careers and reputations. The movement lost sight of its original goal and became a way for individuals to gain attention and power by accusing others without any evidence or due process. One example of this is the case of actor Brandon Fraser, who came forward with his own experience of being sexually harassed in Hollywood. However, his story received little attention compared to other high-profile cases because he is a man. This brings to light the issue of selective outrage and how certain demographics are treated differently when it comes to issues such as sexual harassment. The notion of victimhood has also become increasingly prevalent in our society. We now live in a culture where everyone wants to be a victim and gain sympathy and attention through their suffering. This is reflected in the trend of participation trophies and the glorification of self-proclaimed “survivors.” But this constant need for validation and sympathy has created a toxic environment where individuals are afraid to take responsibility for their actions and face any kind of criticism or consequences. This mindset not only perpetuates a victim mentality but also hinders personal growth and progress. Another issue that has contributed to the failure of our modern society is the demonization of certain groups. The most notable example of this is the discrimination against rednecks or those living in rural areas. For decades, Hollywood has depicted these individuals as dumb, racist, and backwards. This stereotype has been perpetuated so much that it has become ingrained in our culture. However, what many fail to realize is that these so-called “rednecks” have been essential in building this country. They are hardworking, resilient individuals who have been demonized for far too long. By constantly putting them down and labeling them as “racist,” we are only dividing our society further and perpetuating harmful stereotypes. In addition, the media’s glorification of body positivity, also known as the “profat” movement, has had a detrimental effect on our society. While promoting acceptance and self-love is important, this movement often celebrates obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, sending a dangerous message to younger generations. This trend also highlights the unhealthy obsession with appearance and the pressure to conform to certain beauty standards. It not only promotes an unhealthy relationship with food but also fails to address issues such as mental health and self-acceptance. So what can we do to turn things around? First and foremost, we need to start taking responsibility for our actions and stop seeking validation and sympathy for being a victim. We also need to acknowledge that there are real victims out there who deserve justice and support without exploiting their pain for personal gain. We also need to stop demonizing certain groups and realize that everyone has their own struggles and experiences. Instead of dividing ourselves based on labels, we should focus on finding common ground and working together towards a better future. In conclusion, the great experiment that is the United States of America may be failing, but it is not too late to turn things around. We need to address these issues within our society and work towards building a more inclusive and healthy environment for all individuals. It’s time to get woke and stop going broke. Only then can we truly live up to the ideals of the great American experiment.

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