Socio-Politix w/ Captain Anarchy: HAPPY BENEDICT DONALD DAY SUCKAS

Well it’s January again, but this time it’s a presidential election year… and since Das Failed Führer Qrümp is running for election again everyone is hence remembering the events of his outrageous failed “January 6th Insürrection”, which he is also on criminal trial for now as well. And not so unbelievably there are many of his brainwashed jabroni cult followers out there who are still absurdly trying to vainly cling to a ludicrous notion that the George Floyd/B.L.M./Antifa “Summer of Riots”, as they most inappropriately like to call it, is somehow a subjective argument that justifies or at least lessens the severity of their Reichwing’s heinous coup d’etat attempt. But the truth is that it does not whatsoever, because trying to draw a comparison between the two incidents in order to attempt to justify the latter as being acceptable or a lesser crime, etc. is a false equivalence comparison and a lame poison politic “what-about-ism” at best considering the difference in the circumstances and actions taken. There is no “tit for tat”, as there is no fair comparison… it’s a false equivalency. Now not that motives or intent, etc. should be a factor in judging the equality of criminality of either incident, as it should not… but I will first note anyway that the “Summer of Riots” were actually riots that only occurred in 7% of the total number of legitimate peaceful protests over the murders of Floyd, Taylor, etc.. So in other words they only occurred in a mere fraction of the many otherwise peaceful protests, and the over-inflated notion that they ALL included riots is simply incorrectly perceived fear mongering nonsense based off of the mass media coverage which largely only reported on the riot aspects because televising violence and negativity equates to higher viewership and ratings, whereas footage of peaceful protests do not. Anyway, in regard to the riot aspect, I will also point out that there were three factors involved in that… The first was Alt-Right agent provocateurs “stirring up” and “egging on” the “bad element” among the crowd… that’s been proven. The second were Reichwing agents breeding fear by kidnapping protesters in unmarked vans under the order of Qrümp from behind the scenes, which of course caused a reaction of outrage on the left. There’s footage of the kidnappings, but not a lot of direct proof to connect Qrümp to them though… but trust me, he ordered them. And the third were simply rotten little bastard criminal opportunists unjustifiably taking advantage of the situation to loot, pillage and burn. Now some of the rioters were poor disenfranchised youth who were doing it because they felt like due to their suppression via civil inequality, and thus not being able to get a proper education and hence a high enough paying job to be able to ever move out of the ghetto, that it was their sole opportunity to at least finally get some of the more expensive nicer things in life that they felt they will probably never be able to afford. And I’m sure that some of them were also just middle class peeps doing it for cheap thrills, not because they couldn’t afford to buy the stuff themselves. But none of that makes it justifiable whatsoever, as a thief is a thief regardless of motive. And some were just creeps that simply like to vandalize and “watch the world burn”, which was also unjustifiable too. And none of them needed “egging on” to do it, but the agent provocateurs on the scene sure did encourage them further though. However it is also true that the larger majority of MAGA mooks at the Capitol also did not engage in breaking and entering or attacking police, etc., and that it was only an equally small percentage by comparison as well who did that shit. But the difference is they were smashing The People’s House that is public property and a national monument, etc., not private property owners shit like stores in malls and such. And they were doing so in a vain and illegal unjustifiable attempt to, at the very least, disrupt and delay the certification of the valid electoral votes, if not to also literally murder politicians and attempt an actual seditious act of insurrection. Plus they were doing so at the behest of their Failed Führer, a grifting liar con man who fed them a load of horse shit to fear monger them in to doing it. So yeah, I do contend that both instances did have some good people on both sides simply peacefully protesting. But both instances also had a rioter element as well. And NO rioters were justified on either side, regardless of their motivations based on their social class or coinciding level of wealth, psychotic need to see the world burn, political agenda, etc… and therefore both instances were bad and wrong on the part of those who actually rioted. And let’s face it… all that rioting usually ever achieves anyway is to hurt an otherwise often times legitimate cause as well. But again; motives or intent, etc. should not be a factor in judging the equality of criminality of either incident. And I mean yes, I do see peaceful protests on either side of the aisle in general as being a positive big “fuck you” to the government. So I’m fine with them being conducted by the downtrodden on the left over the outrage of police brutality and murders, civil injustice and inequality etc.. And I’m also fine with them being conducted on the right over them feeling marginalized by their own government and possibly cheated in their election, etc. because I absolutely can and do relate to rises against perceived tyranny as well… but only those that are grounded in reality, fact and truth, not ones that are based on the lies of a sore loser with no concrete evidence and horse shit false conspiracy theories concocted by whack-a-doodle rabbit hole cults being used to support it. And yeah, in the long run maybe the “Summer of Riots” chooches caused more physical and financial damage, and maybe even more people were injured or killed overall, and more people and businesses, etc. suffered. But rotten little criminal opportunist taggers, thieves and arson freaks turning some peaceful protests in to riots in order to create opportunities for themselves to wreck public and private owner’s buildings, throw firecrackers and rocks at cops, flip over cop cars, smash windows to steal televisions and tennis shoes, spray paint walls, and set shit on fire, etc. far pales by comparison to, and is in no way, shape or form on the same level of criminality as, grown ass adults intentionally attacking the nation’s seat of power and trashing the Capitol Building, disrupting one of our government’s most vital proceedings (which was a completely valid one), beating up and killing cops, and hunting and trying to murder politicians (and getting some of themselves killed while doing so) in an unjustifiable insurrection attempt at a coup based on lies of election fraud which they had zero concrete evidence of with which to justify their actions, and doing so under the seditionary direction of their favored politician who fed them those lies. So no, I don’t see it as a subjective argument whatsoever… it’s totally a false equivalency…. sorry, not sorry. And I mean not that I give a shit about corporate stores getting screwed, as all they do is screw us financially anyway, and they have insurance to cover it. But that just means their prices go up, and that I’m not okay with ‘cuz it effects me and all of us directly. Nor am I okay with small business owners getting screwed over whatsoever, as that is not cool at all. And not that I give a shit about the Capitol Building itself either, although I do like old or ancient architecture though, and I hate to see stuff like that get destroyed, especially as I would like to visit it one day. Nor do I care about cops all that much either, since they’ve beat my ass a lot for no good reason in the past… but someone’s gotta keep the peace I suppose, since we live in a world of fucking infantile-minded thugs, so by the same token I don’t necessarily wanna see them get hurt or killed, and they are human beings after all, even if some are shitty ones though. Plus I don’t really give all that much of a shit about the government or the fake voting system anyway, as I think the politicians on both sides of the aisle are all just “bad actor” puppets acting in a false left-right paradigm shit-show sham charade to keep us divided, and they do so under the orders of a Shadow Government, so they get whatever comes their way if they cause so much division that it gets ugly, I guess. But, then again, I suppose someone’s gotta govern to some extent, since most people are too fucking immature to govern themselves. And politicians are human beings too, after all… or at least sort of, again even if they’re shitty ones, so I don’t necessarily wanna see them get hurt or killed either, per se. And the same goes for the MAGA mooks, even though I joke about them having their heads put on spikes. ‘Cuz I mean the flip-side of the coin is that I would prefer that there be peace and some semblance of order, and that no one lose their stuff, get hurt or killed, or any of that shit though… obviously, ‘cuz I’m not a douche. But again; I don’t consider any outlier motives of anyone on either side to be an excuse for their actions, or as a reason for a “hall pass” for a lesser punishment either, per se… nor should those things be factors in whether or not both sides are considered equally criminal in intent. The only factor that should determine THAT are the types of crimes committed and the level of their severity. And I am not okay with rioting on either side in any way, shape or form, regardless of motivation, intent, etc. either… period. And I do feel that the punishments should fit the crime, because if not then I mean we might as well just make one universal punishment for all crimes, regardless not only of motivation or level of discontent but also in consideration of intent and level of severity, etc. too… which would be totally unfair in many cases, and also be a completely unacceptable mere “slap on the wrist” in many others. I mean whadda you wanna do… give a tagger, thief or arson freak at a riot the same sentence as a guy who killed a cop at an insurrection attempt ? Come on man… gimme a fuckin’ break. SMFH. No… the type of punishment rendered should fit the crime. But they should not be the same on both sides, because the more severe crimes deserve more severe punishments, which I do not feel were severe enough on either side at all whatsoever though. I think there was too much leniency on the left, with too much “catch and release” policy bullshit, dropped cases, mild or reduced sentences, etc., as there should’ve been stronger enforcement of the law and harsher consequences instead. No excuses should have been made for the progressive instances, nor leniency given. And I also think there was too much leniency on the right as well, in terms of there being many grievous offenders that were held to an underwhelming amount of accountability in their sentencing… ‘cuz I guaran-fucking-tee that if you walked to your corner and beat the shit out of a cop, bashed him with a fire extinguisher, crushed him in a doorway, electrocuted him with his own taser and caused him to have a heart attack and be hospitalized, end up with life altering mental and/or physical trauma, or killed him, or sprayed him with bear mace and caused him to die a day or two later from an allergic reaction, etc., like some of those mooks did to some of the Capitol Police, then you would be serving a lot longer sentence than what many of them got. Just sayin’. And that is why the sentences were rightfully harsher for the insurrectionists though, because the nature of their crimes were more heinous, and therefore the penalties had to reflect that accordingly… as well they should. So no, the bottom line is that aside from and regardless of motives, intent or any of that, and solely based just on what occurred and the largely different natures and levels of severity of the crimes alone, the two incidents are vastly different. They were not equal circumstances, and they are not equal crimes, and therefore they cannot be fairly compared to one another. And attempting to compare them is thus undeniably and irrefutably a false equivalence argument, not a subjective one whatsoever… period, end of story, THE END P.S.: It should also be noted that I am making the part of my argument here regarding the validity verses alleged invalidity of the 2020 election for the sake of those of you who actually believe that there is a two party system running our government, that your votes are actually even counted, and that elections are run relatively fairly and un-corrupted, etc… as opposed to what I personally believe, which again is that politicians are selected by a Shadow Government, not elected by “We The People”, and that therefore voting is all just a sham and that politicians are simply paid “bad actor” puppets putting on a false left-right shit-show charade to placate us by conning us in to believing that we actually have “a voice” and thus “a choice” through a so-called “voting system”, and to also thereby keep us divided and at each other’s throats, and thus off-kilter and distracted, while they slip the nefarious agendas of their marionette masters in to place and law right underneath our big dumb noses.

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