Welcome boys and girls. In this article we are going to quickly teach you how to open your 3rd eye, AKA psychic abilities.

Draw this set of symbols on a piece of paper in a dark room under candle light. Take a deep breath and as you exhale, chant the word Tonruviyaan vibrating your body with the sound of the word. This is the method for repeating the chant. Do this over and over.

While chanting, visualize dark energy coming out of the symbols you just drew.

Concentrate while firmly visualizing that dark energy entering the middle of your forehead.

Hold this visualization as long as you can, while repeating the chant.

Tonerry on, tonerry on, over and over again.

Do this until you feel sensations in your head like buzzing, slight dizziness, or a mild headache.

Repeat this every day for about two weeks.

After two weeks, you should start getting much better results with this meditation.

This simple meditation will take you through the process of opening your psychic abilities through visualization, meditation, and energy manipulation.

Second method for opening 3rd eye:

This method is to be performed after mastering the first technique.

Burn the paper you drew the symbols on in the first exercise. Add more material to burn with these old papers so you make enough ashes. Save the ashes.
Now, Use the ashes to draw the symbols on your forehead. Then, focus on the same dark energy shooting out of your forehead into the air around you, while chanting Tonruviyaan over and over again. After the pressure in your head builds up from the ritual to its maximum, finish the ritual. Afterwords, take a cleansing bath or shower with sea salt. Cleansing is important when performing magical rituals.

That’s all for today, boys and girls. See you next time.

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