Ad-Darr the Distressor by Demetrius

Today we are going to do something really interesting. Something you never imagined or wanted to imagine..

Today we are going to study Islam but not in a way. You usually hear about it. We will also not study in any scholarly manner..

We will study  it in a mystical manner in a manner which will help you connect to the universe..

We are going to explain a different perception of God here, a perception of God, which is probably a way of seeing the goddamn thing you never encountered. So let’s start..

We usually imagine God as a progenitor of dogma progenitor of oppression And repression we imagine God of religions as a subject of political control. We imagine it as something which limits the modern man limits the modern world..

We imagine it as something, which is absolutely the opposite of freedom, the opposite of liberation and self-expression. However if I tell you that there is a group of Muslims with things much differently and which sees God as a way of expressing themselves, you will probably not believe me and consider main same..

Tonight we are going to talk about that aspect of Islam..

We are going to talk about the Divine names and how to use them, how to experience them and apply them. 

In order for the concept of the Divine names to be understood, the concept of God should be understood in this framework. 

Within Sufi mysticism God is supreme consciousness. The unity of being the unity of all the religious laws are not legal constants. They are instructions. You are free to break them if you wish. You have absolute freedom to do so breaking. Some of them will have destructive consequences, but you are free to do whatever you wish. It is a form of Islam which is much more paetic and liberating..

Within that context man is free. You are free. You are free to use those Divine names however you wish. 

Tonight we are going to study a specific Divine name. Usually utilized for destruction but can also be used for protection and spiritual empowerment. Use it as you wish. I honestly would like you to use this technique I show you in the article only for moral reasons bot you are free as I said. 

 You will start this ritual by visualizing energy coming into the top of your head and filing your entire energy body with energy visualize energy coming into the top of your head and filling you up with energy energizing you 

As you hold this visualization, you should breathe in and breathe out, but focus on breathing really, really slowly. Don’t count the breaths. Simply breathe as slowly as possible. It is recommended to do this in the dark.

After you charge yourself with energy in this manner, you should start chanting Ad Darr

Over and over again as you chant You should focus on energy coming out of your mouth. When you start feeling the energy, you can start directing it By verbally saying what you wish. 

Your request could be related to destruction of enemies, protection from harm of you and your loved ones. Or you can request from God to to empower you and open your spiritual senses. 

This Divine name means :

God who is bringer of distress.

Ad Darr

It should be used with caution. The requests you asked for will be manifested but they will happen in a distressful manner. 

Chants Divine name on a daily basis 

For a thousand times a day as instructed until what you requested happens, being disciplined with this simple practice can bring extraordinary results.

Thank you for watching and reading and talk to you soon..

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