Remembering Laurence Timothy Johnson (Tim Sinn) by Lisa Burke

Losing someone who was a prominent fixture of our goth  scene is never easy, but the loss of Laurence Timothy Johnson aka Tim Sinn really hits home. At only 55 years old, he passed in his sleep at home around March 12th. His roommate Christopher Grey found him, and has been a blessing since to those that loved Tim. We all knew about his struggles with alcohol addiction, but some of us saw his great fight to overcome it all as well. Whatever got him in the end, definitely took him too soon. Regardless, he will live on through his art and photography, as well as in our hearts.    He was a native of California, and he hopped around to different schools in and around LA, finally attending Hollywood High School. As most of us remember, he was an artist and photographer for Bar Sinister/Boardners by La Belle in Hollywood for many, many years. Though many photographers have come and gone since his departure, none have lived up to the magic that Tim would expel into the world. The color swirls on his photographs left a fun and pleasant aura that will last a lifetime.   I personally met Tim Sinn on my first day living in Hollywood in October 2010. It happened to be my birthday as well. I met him at the local bar Powerhouse back when it was a true dive bar. He would often stop there before heading over to Bar Sinister, among other local watering holes to see his friends. It just so happens that my first day living in Hollywood I ended up with a black eye because I stood up to an Amazon meth-head female that was harassing my male friend. She got really aggressive and threw 1 beer glass and 2 beer bottles at my face and back of my head, I ended up with 3 cuts around my right eye, and she apparently cut up her hand. Since it was my birthday at midnight, I decided to get a towel with ice for my bloody eye and another drink, after I had to sit in the ambulance for 40 min making sure I didn’t have a concussion. Long story short, the next day I had a small birthday gathering at the outdoor backyard of my new apartment. Tim came with a friend (I believe it was Sue Wood), and he brought me a little talking vampire doll. Then he jokingly mocked me for wearing eyeliner even though I had a black eye. He was really kind to me, and not judging of what happened, other than to say I was a badass. He had a sweet charm to him that I instantly made a connection to. We became casual friends for many years after.   On Sunday, April 21st, 2024 at Boardners, they held a memorial for Tim. It was a somber gathering with attendance and speech by owner Trisha Labelle, a performance and speech by Human Drama, Tim’s former roommate gave a speech, and Jeffery Damnit, Adriana Vega, plus many more were in attendance. I was unable to make it that day, but I will say this, I know that everyone who knew Tim Sinn has at least one good story to tell about him.   While Tim was a staple of the Hollywood night life, he also branched out to other places like the Rainbow Bar And Grill on occasion, where he got to know Mario Maglieri and friends. All in all, Tim Sinn was an empathetic human being who struggled with being overcome by his deep heartfelt emotions in such a desolate and volatile world. It is a tragedy to know that he will not be shining his light on the living from this realm anymore, however, his light definitely will shine on us from the beyond. Even though Tim was not working at Bar Sinister in the months prior to his death, it is still an inevitability to think about him, and to feel his presence when entering that outdoor corridor leading into Bar Sinister. RIP to another great and talented soul, Tim Sinn.

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