LA Scoop by Tequila Mockingbird

Sometimes I look at pictures of iman’s eyes and I think I never want to fall in love because look at what you lose if you lose them I get pretty melancholy around David Bowie sometimes as do most of us style and fashion seem to leave the planet when he left leaving us with fashion that resembles the unabomber’s best day hoodies beanies dark glasses I live my life in sweats I feel like most people look like they’ve just left the mental hospital in there pajama bottoms but other than that there’s the whiskey the rainbow Venice West the redwood knucklehead daddy diamonds Northgate and various underground venues to keep us entertained. I just spent 6 months at the helm of the LA Punk Museum choosing art for the walls of a gallery called Moda and helping rocket scientists hook up with rockstars. Life gets pretty amazingly complicated in Los Angeles and mostly it’s because people don’t eat enough caviar or Tommy’s burgers I’m not sure we got to keep the rock and roll culture alive I like to hang out at the whiskey a Go-Go watching Johnny nasty boots or Shimmer bed and sometimes even my band plays The viper room so it’s getting close to its inevitable disappearance. I ran into Tommy black from The viper room at the Hollywood Christmas parade this year he was playing with an interesting group of people who were playing with Eva Gardner from the cat and fiddle last year well when I say cat and fiddle I mean the band Pink but I know we’re from since she was born I have this wonderful painting of Robby Krieger that I’m giving to him from an artist named Johnny Mayhem he also did a really nice group of pictures that I’ll show you an upcoming articles the one good thing about running an art gallery is finding all these great artists I’m going to be opening online soon so you can see all the wonderful art that can be manifested by creative people and their take on the punk Museum mystique which is 1974 to 1984 with a little bit of a hangover for golf till 89. And don’t forget there’s also the Icelandic Punk Museum on Facebook and Instagram and there’s Martin Atkins from public image limited addition of the Punk Museum called The Museum of Post Punk and he ought to know having been in most of the cool post punk bands after Pil including Brian’s brain and Ministry ! The death of Atila Sikora was a great shock and the punk community. I’m at Attila in 1981 and received my first Mohawk from him as did hundreds of thousands of other people in LA he was LA’s Punk hair cutter loved and revered with an incredible amount of Czechoslovakian flare. He also taught us how to take silver chewing gum wrappers and wrap them around your teeth for that metallic look he was always making us laugh and always doing art we had his work on display at the punk Museum over the last 11 years always creative making art for people everyday and just giving it away and you know what it showed when he left this planet that he was loved by thousands and thousands of people. X is making a new album I saw that they’re in the studio not the one owned y Elon musk but the real EX the band. I just seen John Doe acting in a movie called DOA which was brilliant and then exine’s been out hanging around Art gallery so all is right with the world we’re keeping our standards and being creative in different media that makes it nice when they get together and play music they all have something to bring to the party. Looks like the brewery will be having an art show in March and we’re going to showcase the Opera project called the continual return of Dr Ordinaire. With photos by Vern and an incredible tour of the entire installation filled with artists from top to bottom with all of their studios open for you to peruse to me it would be really difficult to throw open my doors and let people roam my apartment but they don’t seem to mind and it’s pretty fantastic to see all the different ideas that people have of perfection.

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