You can’t Spell “MADAME” w/o “ADAM” by Madame Sunset

10 years of Lost Anarchy magazine, it has survived and Mojo and Brojo hmmm I’m sorry I mean Jesse have not yet killed eachother!!! Congratulations boys!!! I remember back in the beginning some of you may know that, many of you may have forgotten me, and others may not know anything about this crazy fucking bitch that sometimes graces the pages of Lost Anarchy. Madame Sunset is still here just lounging back like a lady watching it all pass, sipping on a vodka redbull and reminiscing on some amazing and chaotic times that truly mean the world to me. Damn if I’m a grandmother or even an old lady someday I will have some very interesting tales to tell the youth of our country. You bet your sweet ass that my experience in being apart of the beginning of Lost Anarchy and the beautifully tragic moment of when Mojo and I finally came face to face with each other will surely play apart of my tales of the tease. Life is so precious, live big, be strong and preach for greatness spread your views, love each other, engage in situations that make you uncomfortable and set you free. My life, my dreams have been based on sheer chaos and pure passion for love and art. Those who have been apart of it know who they are and they mean the world to me. I don’t get to spend as much time wondering around in panties and high heels drunken walking down the sunset strip, but I do sit a day dream of prancing through club hell and running into faces that I would just love to see again, lips I would die to kiss, performers with whom are so pure and talented but yet hidden away from the world. I built a cave a hideout some would say that leads to another part of myself when I did so I thought I could very easily travel from one deminsion to the next because well as most would say the scene never changes it just stays the same… The Rainbow, The club scene, the same bands and the same clubs but boy they were wrong and so was I because when I turn around now I have so much heart break for losing so many special humans that I would just love to grab on to, jump on a go go box with, put on my dark angel wings and fly…. Inspired by Mojo himself I figured I would start this article out with a random somewhat all over the place rant, I hope I have accomplished that! (LOL)  I’m so proud of you Mojo El Diablo, I remember when you didn’t think this was possible, I remember your family and all of their support. I remember it all like it was yesterday. For your birthday and the birth of the magazine we had the limo ride to the Cat Club for the release party!!! You made it happen. You took your art, your rants, and made it into a successful part of History in the Los Angeles/Hollywood (WHATEVER) Scene. From compilations discs to this! You broke free from Rock City and you took over! You and I had one crazy path and I’m forever grateful to have gone through all of it with you although you had me literally hating you and made it impossible for me to even continue to go out to a club without running into some sort of drama! Cheers to the best of the best!!! Branjalina had nothing on our shit lolBlah Blah Blah, whatever you said I had plenty of room so you get plenty of words from my lovely lips!!! In the beginning of this mag we all worked so hard to sale the cover to find people to contribute poems, articles and those had to be people who could also help promote and get it off its feet! Even though I was never given any credit for all that I did I would like to now take the opportunity to do so. My dear sexy fuckers your cover model and featured artist in this issue and many other issues of this magazine since day one is none other then one of my original friends and fellow artists Adam Daniels of Unknown Boy, I met Adam through Brian Blue and Gypsy Blak when they had booked me to perform at the Bitter Red Head in Santa Monica we became the bestest of friends, I had the opportunity and honour to perform in several of Unknown Boys Music Videos and also with them at The San Diego Gay Pride Festival. I was always proud to wear those dark angel wings ADAM you always made me feel like a star a respected me as an artist even though you were hot as hell and you knew you were damn well the star of your show. Our ideas always meshed so well spur of the moment playing with scissors and freaking out the director or cutting your clothing off on stage for all the cute boys in the audience to go wild over you!!! Seriously OMG!!! When asked to do this write up on Adam of course I had to say yes even though I had to seriously push out the deadline because of mad crazy shit consuming my life.As I mentioned earlier it was Brian Blue Lesavoy who connected me to Adam Daniels. Brian also was a huge part of my existence and a major support to me and all of my creative endeavors. If you were a regular reader of Lost Anarchy back in the early years you will then remember my column the tales of the tease. One of my favorite tales I shared was when The Hollywood Kittens were booked to perform in Precott, AZ new had two venues booked hotel accommodations however in true HK fashion I did not have any girls who could commit to the journey with me. Last minute Brain saved my day and the show he drove to pick me up and before I knew it we were headed for Prescott. I had packed his small little car full of chairs, oversized glitter lollipops, a plethora of costumes, rhinestones, feather boas and we made it there!!! The day before the show we wrangled up some of the folks from the town and put them it the show. To keep it brief I know for sure the town of Prescott was for ever changed by the experience that we gave them and if not for Brian this would of never been possible. Brian Blue suffered a major stroke and last weekend I attended his memorial at Mt. Saini Memorial in Hollywood. A huge part of me has been taken away. Not only was Brain my true friend he was my unofficial drug counselor, one of my biggest cheerleaders, and someone who had always inspired me to be true to my art. It was not just me he did this for everyone he crossed paths with. Brain also contributed pages upon pages of poetry to Lost Anarchy over the years his words sometimes dark always truthful and defiantly empowering. He will be missed and never forgotten. Without Brian I would not be writing this article right now he was there in the beginning of Madame Sunset and stayed with me until I slowly drifted away. I love you Blue and Thank You!!!On a lighter note Adam Daniels is yet again featured on the cover of this magazine and its not surprising that this gentleman does not age at all. Shout out to Odd Ball Artz Productions and Erin Rose at Artistry of E for putting Adams vision into the cover. In my latest gossip session with Mr. Daniels he shared with me that his two tracks by Dubtronic mentioned In our previous interview are currently getting mastered as we speak! One of the tracks titled “Greed and Dreams” is about Hollywood, well duh! and then I’m really looking forward to is a Madonna cover “Burning up” with guest vocals by talented up in coming artist Madelyn Rasch who is also known as Adams beautiful cousin. What is really exciting is that there are talks of Madame Sunset and Adam working on a Music Video so please stay tuned for this on our social media pages (he-he) Both tracks will be released early this summer and hopefully we will be hearing them played by long time supporter Rodney Bingenheimer on his new show on Sirus Radio. “I have been working really hard on this track, laying down the last vocals this week and the track is being produced by Sebastian Zetin” ~ Adam Daniels

Well Adam , Can’t wait to hear it I’m sure it will all have us cumming our panties as usual, oh wow sorry as I pre-warned ya vodka and redbulls!!! They have kicked in….
Adam would also like to mention how amazing it was to see Krash Karma play when they came to Janesville, Wisconsin. He invites us all to come visit him anytime of course if we are ever near to his town. hat’s all for this time, till next time my dearest loves MEoooooow!!!! XOXOXO

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