WTF is Drum Hall?

We’s here w/ Steven Hall and his brother Josh Hall aka Sunstormer from the hip hop duo THR3 STRYKES and their new project DRUM HALL and here’s what they had to say…HOW ARE YOU?

DH: Doing well.

What is Drum Hall?

DH: Drum Hall is a drum/dj duo based in Los Angeles that was formered by Steven Hall and Tremel Chapman aka DJ Hellnaw (slightly stoopid, capitol eye).

How long has this project been around?

DH: Since March of 2016. We opened up for 311, Fishbone, Modest Yahoo.

What are your influences?

DH: All of the above.

Recording anything?

DH: Just live tracks at shows so we can compile a LIVE album before we come out w/ a studio album, cuz the LIVE shows are so energetic that bla bla bla you know the rest.

What makes you tick?

DH: Rock n’ roll, kush, hip hop, and the Sunset Strip.

Who the Hell is Mrs Valdez?

DH: She the first woman to ever bust me for marijuana in middle school.

Any shows coming up?

Any last words for your fans?

DH: Yes, what is your guys last words? Oh I didn’t know I had any. See you in the pit. Please be kind to one an other. I hung out w/ Tony Danza up in Antza in the back of a Nisan Stanza. Drive Safe.

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