Who is Reno DeLucci?

Upon arriving to the Sunset Strip one man decided to put a band together with the mission of reviving the long withered music scene of Hollywood. Instead of following the new style of making over produced music choked with backing tracks and over the top costumes, he did the complete opposite. He came up with a stripped down sound that proves with music, sometimes the most direct route is the best way to go. Following in the footsteps of Eddie Cochran, Lou Reed and Peter Murphy while trailblazing his own sound, he manages to induce nostalgia for a simpler time in music history when all you needed to make swell tune was a Rickenbacker and a harmony. Front man Reno DeLucci has created a throwback sound that spans the 1950’s to the 1970’s with an updated groove that still manages to be bluesy. Reno DeLucci performs all dressed to the nines in a suit and tie which reflects the polished tone of his tunes. However, his music is anything but a stuffy black tie affair. This go-go dancer approved music will having you doing the Twist by the time the second song rolls around. On November 8th, 2017 Reno DeLucci made his debut at the ever exclusive lounge above The Roxy Theatre called On The Rox. Lit only by dim wall sconces and the front-flash of cell phones, he claimed the stage. Armed with a Rickenbacker guitar, a retro 1950’s microphone, and his trademark crooning voice; Reno DeLucci vaulted into a set that was certain to dazzle the audience with his ballsy original take on a retro sound. The intricate bass lines of the songs round out the sound with a solid groove while the drums bring a deceiving directness to the rhythm section. Catchy guitar riffs and an intimidating pedal board add the superb effects that give Reno DeLucci’s music that updated sound while still holding on to the integrity of their retro roots. Currently Reno DeLucci is working on his debut EP which is being produced by none other than Cinderella’s Fred Coury. The EP is set to be released in 2018.

We’s here w/ Dane “RENO DELUCCI” and here’s what he has to say…HOW ARE YOU?

RD: Good.

What is Reno DeLucci?

RD:  Reno DeLucchi is my performer name. There are two very polarized sides to my personality. One is the introvert that avoids crowds and spends all day and night writing songs. The other is the extrovert that feeds off the energy of an audience and even craves the spotlight, he’s the one that performs the songs. I decided to name the latter “Reno DeLucci” I think it’s important to compartmentalize the two different personalities by giving them their own titles.

How long you been doing music?

RD:  I’ve been playing since I was 10 or so. I’ve never been the best musician, my focus has always been songwriting. The first time I picked up a guitar I tried to write a terrible song before I could play a note. I think the song was about the grim reaper or something dark.

Are you going to NAMM?

RD: No

What is your greatest strength?

RD: alcohol

What is your greatest weakness?

RD: alcohol

What are your goals for the future?

RD: To stay inspired and to inspire others..

Who are your influences?

RD: When I was younger I used to hate David Bowie when I first heard him. I thought he was a sell out for always changing to fit the new sound. It took maturing as an artist to realize the new sounds were changing to fit him. I would like to do something like that.

Who’s in the band?

RD:  I’m really excited about the line up at the moment. There’s four of us. Matt Fuller is playing lead guitar. Gabe Maska is the bassist. And Forrest McKinnon is the drummer. Before I decided to go solo I was in a band called Merkin for 8 years. We disbanded over a year ago but I would like to give credit to Alon Burton and Jeremy Morrow for helping me find come into my own as an artist. I also want to thank the guys that I’m playing with now, they’re really pro and I’m very proud of what we have.

Who the Hell is Mrs Valdez?

RD: I don’t know

Any last words for your fans?

RD:  Follow me on instagram for show dates and thank you for your support @renodelucci

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