Greetings Lost Anarchy, so much has been going on the last few months. The Beatniks and Psychorealm played a packed house. Next Lost Anarchy Magazine had a booth at Long Beach Comic Con. I attended the Batman 75th Anniversary which had Batgirl illustrator Babs Tarr and Batman vs the Green Hornet writer and KROQ personality Ralph Gorman. The first day was followed by Lost Anarchy’s Launch Party (and long beach comic con’s after party) at Harelles in downtown Long Beach (a nine minute walk by the way) to a full house. Day 2 at LBCC I attended the Batman 66 panel.

Next up (a whole month later) was the Lost Anarchy Comikaze Kick Off at the Whiskey Blu. Nightmare Nik Fuoco packed the house. I even got on stage  for the last song and dance for the last song (while helping pull girls up on stage). Then the next next day, the Clippers season opening rally was tons of fun and I was stoked to get my rally towel.

Then on Halloween was Stan Lee’s Comikaze and it was epic. Day 1 (which was on Halloween) I arrived early taking my six month old daughter and parents trick or treating booth to booth. The place was packed. As the evening rolled in I met w/ the crew and began promoting our panel for the next evening. The following evening (Halloween night to be exact) I performed w/ Lexa Von of the Plastics Professional Groupies and Save Our Strip for the Kitty Litter Disco (btw- mojo used to get molested every year by the sexy big bobbied wife of the singer jj at the rock city awards back in the day) show band and revue at the Whiskey Blu. It was a fun time.

The next day (November 1st) I was surprised that just as fast as the Whiskey Blu came on the scene w/ the place cleared out it was a fun run while it lasted. During the day was spent at Comikaze promoting our panel. I participated in the Tetris 30th Anniversary Guinness Book of World Records for longest link of human tetrimenos I was number 10 in the link. They us we broke the world record just not the number. Guess you will have to watch the show to find out I am sure you will see me. I was the purple “T” w/ Jigsaw makeup on. I was very excited to finally meet Corpsy Rhine of Girls and Corpses Magazine and got a signed copy. The KROQ booth hooked me up w/ a full sized Annabelle poster. Then was our panel where we discussed the 80s vs the 90s in pop, sub, and counter culture ranging from comics, movies, fashion, music, food and cartoons. I got teased for liking 90s Batman movies better than 80s ones, but hey I’m a girl, I’m allowed to like crap! Later that night was the Nerds Like Us Official Comikaze after party and it was a total blast. They had an 80s Back to the Future band called the FLUX COPACITORS. They sounded awesome. Then on day 3 I spent shopping and hitting up all of the booths I had missed.

A month later was an era ended w/ the last Batcave at the Medusa Lounge in Silverlake. The place was jumping for the last good bye. The music was good. Medusa Lounge was a fantastic venue for the six year run, but it’s now jumping on the hip hop bandwagon that’s been killing all our scene’s venues (looking at you 1oak). I sure hope they find a new location close to a 24 hour public transit access (saying most goths don’t drive).

As for me personally, I have been hit hard by allergic reactions that grew worse from being misdiagnosed and other health related bills I had to pay out of pocket. I’m living in shelters and couch surfing while trying to raise 1500 to move into an apartment. If you like to donate I’m at gofundme.com/julieannpaige until next time.

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