Wang Chung, Night Club, and My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult by Layla Dethroe

So this week has been pretty cool! Ya know, if you find 80’s high school movies, colors so bright, they can glow in the day time, synthesizers, and leg warmers, cool. Everything started out on Thursday, a “hangover day.” When, despite being hungover, and physically exhausted, the urge to WANG CHUNG, came over us like the need to pee!! 
Now Wang Chung was a new wave band from the 1980’s that was continuously played on top 40 radio from1983-89, or on everyone’s wedding DJ request list for the pure fact that your creepy uncle can show off either his new dance moves or to show that he’s “hip”! With hits like “Everybody have fun tonight.” Or “Dance Hall Days.” This is a band that now a days, people would give you weird faces , if you confess to actually knowing the name of the artist to those iconic songs, and frequently confused with their counterparts New Wave, Depeshmode, and Duran Duran. (Oddly enough, our other writer Julie Ann Page, was at Duran Duran at the Hollywood Bowl, chilling in the box seats like a true gangster) . 
Wang Chung really did something that I appreciate that most bands don’t take in to consideration, they played their big hit last! From a promotional stand point, this is a smart move. The audience spends more money on drinks.You start out with something less big, but everyone still knows, then go on to a few equally paced songs, ballad, ballad, new stuff, and then WHAM! ENOUGH FOUR PLAY! HIT THEM WITH WHAT THEY SPENT THEIR MONEY FOR!! Those 4 minutes of awesome nostalgia of drinking MD’s at their first coed party in their parents’ basement! (Well those of you who were old enough to be around and enjoy the 80’s, I haven’t existed yet in the 80’s)Dane from the Merkin really Wang Chunged that night too! Then we headed back to base! 
The train took all day, but at least I got to K town with enough time to shave the sides of his head and share enough whiskey to kill us both. The next morning was a hard one to wake up to. It stopped being all cool and breezy outside, and started getting hot again. I wanted to absolutely blow my head off, but then I remembered that I got a +2 at the Thrilll Kill Kult show at Los Globos that night, with the much thanks of Sean Healy! 
It was so close to my old apartment, it was strange why I haven’t noticed this big black building with those iconic red lights! We went inside and explored the full first floor; apparently there was a second floor that I didn’t notice. Everything, like the exterior, was black, or at least dimly lit with red light undertones, it really tuned into the original look it had it the 1930’s . The First band was one of my recent favorites, all thanks to: a cartoon on Comedy Central , kind of like Miami vice meets a duran duran album. Best performance of the night by my opinion! Made out of the dashing Mark Brooks and the hyperactive, and beautiful Emily Kavanaugh , but of course, the audience was made out of elitist goths that are devote fans of Thrill Kill Kult, and about 60% weren’t having it. 
Synthpop and New Wave heaven came out of those two. Also something I really appreciate from an artist; Emily interacted with the audience , danced with the crowed, and made sure everyone was enjoying themselves. If you can rate a band, Id give them a 9 out of ten! 
All I could think at the time was “Heroin is a hell of a drug…” now all I can think of, during the show was “Damn! Heroin is a hell of a drug…” I like TKK, they were one of the few bands that brought me into rebellion. I think that they should have stopped as soon as the one album remixes started to become a regular thing. But yet again, they have aways been kind of a performance weak kind of band. Someone to listen on album rather than go out and see them live.  Kind of like KMFDM, their older stuff is the music of greatness, but then now a days, their CD’s can be used to torcher small children.

I can tell you more about that night but pictures speak louder than words. 

-Mistress Layla!

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