Tool goes all SJW in San Bernadino

I just got back from Tool w/ Primus Clutch Fantomas Melvins Crystal Method and Tool just Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulled their own song..THE SONG THEY RAPED AND CASTRATED IS THE SONG OPIATE…they replaced the word rape with buy for fuck sakes…THE SONG IS ABOUT PRIESTS DOING PRIEST THINGS TO ALTER BOYS…the reason i am tagging all ya about this is that you can all relate…TOOL DID TO THEIR SONG WHAT STEVEN SPEILBERG DID TO HIS OWN MOVIES 2NITE AND WE THOUGHT YOU’D GET IT…i am an old school fan since EP and my pals Taquila MockingbirdRuben MacBlue, and Marky DeSade were there back in the day and discover and can vouch for me on it #progrockerscansuckit

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