The Infamous Captain Anarchy Hollywood Memoirs: WHAT HAPPENED SO FAR…

LABYRINTH OF JARETH @ PARK PLAZA (Downtown):It was another illustrious annual event celebrating the Goblin King Jareth’s world of the Labyrinth of Jareth, complete with a court and ballroom affair simulated virtually straight out of the namesake movie. There was also a Goblin Workshop and many other elements relevant to the movie as well, all done in great grandeur. Additional embellishing side elements non-movie related included steampunk oriented stuff and so much more that I can’t even describe it all here, but I am sure you can only imagine. And since the event fell on Independence Day Weekend this year, and because I am after all the daunting Captain Anarchy, therefore Myself and my devilishly ironic-minded cohorts Lady Victoria (aka “Boss Lady McBusty”) and The Mercenary Greg Burial decided to cleverly disguise ourselves as dastardly British upper echelon, no less… of course ~ Ha Ha ! Sweeping in with our huge powdered wigs, I donned my British Commander uniform complete with sword and flintlock, accompanied by Lady Victoria in her English noble lady attire… and protected by the stout man-at-arms Greg Burial whom was disguised as a British mercenary of the era, complete with a tricorn hat, naturally. And though our costumes had absolutely nothing to do with the Labyrinth movie or theme of the night, we no less made a huge splash, particularly the minute we walked in the door and connected by chance with our natural nemesis; The Colonial (version of) Captain America… which resulted in a flurry of paparazzi-like camera flashing to the awe of the surrounding crowd !Then much cavorting with friends and familiar faces alike ensued, as well as extensive exploration of the historic grandiose Park Plaza in all of it’s alluring classic architecture, much to our delight. And many various types of drinks were swilled and entertaining conversations were had… but no dancing was partaken in by us this time, as it would seem that the musical focus in the main dance rooms this year was more of ‘90’s and 2000’s type of genres, as opposed to our preferred ‘80’s focus of past events unfortunately. But all of those on the dance floor seemed to be rather enjoying themselves regardless, so we were glad for them at any rate. So all in all it ‘twas another glorious night of decadent revelry, and we look forward to next year’s event with the hope of even more spectacle to be indulged in… Huzzah !FLOTSAM & JETSAM, EXMORTUS & HATCHET @ WHISKY A GO-GO (WeHo):Like some kind of spectacular “Marvel Team Up”  issue, I stormed up this show with my compatriot Mylissa Graves… and then we joined forces with Manic Renee of KNAC to swill beers and cocktails and chow down on pizza in our super sneaky parking lot-lizard location before the show ~ BIFF ! BAM ! BOOM ! Then, right out of the pages of a comic book we also allied ourselves with none other than Mojo El Diablo himself, no less…  KAPOW !  And before someone could scream “Avengers Assemble !” we were inside the venue and banging our heads ~ WHOOSH ! But because this was a weeknight the show ran really early, thus we unfortunately missed a lot of the opening acts. But I will give a shout out to the Bay Area’s own HATCHET, whom came down and threw down on a thunderous set of hard and heavy straight up dark metal, but with plenty of melodic guitar harmonies, solid and (thankfully) audibly-understandable raging vocals and wicked lyrics, and of course a large and healthy dose of thrash parts along the lines of their neighborly predecessors like Death Angel, Vio-lence, etc. ~ KAPOW ! And though I believe I was cooling down outside and engaged in convo and partyables with Renee and some holmies during most of EXMORTUS, nonetheless Mylissa reported the following: “They tore it up ! Best local metal band from the 562. Thrash lives !  Exmortus has brought the thrash back to L.A. and it’s about time and much needed. I wanna climb the singer ~ LMAO !!!”.And then FLOTSAM & JETSAM took to the stage, in their long-awaited return to L.A. and to an enthusiastic crowd eager for their unique brand of power metal and thrash. It was good to see my ol’ pal, vocalist Eric A.K., from back in the day when I lived in his hometown of Phoenix (AZ) for over six months and where we hung out on many raucous nights. Unfortunately I didn’t get to speak with him in any real detail after the show though, but we did get to say “hi”, and he did give me several “head’s up” nods and finger points from the stage, plus we have since connected via social media, so it’s all good. And I gotta say his voice was really kickin’, as he and his rock solid crew came out the gate with their somewhat goth-metal type cut “Empty Air” off their album “Drift” from 1995, and then stepped it up next with some harder old skool thrash like “Dreams of Death” and “Hard on You” from their classic “No Place For Disgrace” LP and even harder with “Desecrator” from their vital debut LP “Doomsday for the Deceiver”. Then they dropped in to some more of their ’90’s goth-infused  groove metal with “Smoked Out” off “Drift”,  followed by the chugging “Gitty Up”, and the melodic and almost Queensryche-ish “Play Your Part”. Then mid-set it was back to all out speed metal  for their signature thrasher “Hammerhead”, as well as “Iron Tears” off  “Doomsday for the Deceiver”, which of course really got the crowd moving. And they continued the flow with “Escape From Within” (from “No Place”) and the anxious-feeling “Me” (from “Drift”). Then they gave the crowd a break with the grinding, uber-heavy “Run and Hide” from their “Ugly Noise” LP, which was the only track played that night from an album other than the other three mentioned actually. And this led to their grand finale of their total balls-out thrash trademark songs “I Live, You Die” (off “No Place”), and finally title track’s “Doomsday for the Deceiver” and “No Place For Disgrace”… resulting in a total madhouse, with a sea of hair whip(lash)ing around and bodies colliding in fury – SKAPLAM ! ‘Nuff said…..LED ZEPAGAIN @ HOUSE OF BLUES (WeHo):Thanks to their personal soundman extraordinaire John Prpich (of RADD Sound), and the good graces of the band, hence Myself and Boss Lady were able to don our ‘70’s blue jean rocker attire and indulge in the grandiosity of the world’s greatest tribute band LED ZEPAGAIN doing what they do best, at the architecturally awesome House of Blues on Sunset Blvd., where they always pack the house more than pretty much any other band, period ! Rather than pushing upfront in to the sardine-canned crowd, we opted to swill drinks and partake of the Hobbit’s leaf in the sound booth V.I.P.-style the whole time instead ~ LOL ! There we paid witness as the band treated one and all to their magnificently accurate and powerhouse rockin’ renditions of Zep’ classics “Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “Good Times, Bad Times”, “Ramble On”, “Over The Hills and Far Away”, “Misty Mountain Hop” and “The Song Remains the Same”. Then they broke it down a slight bit mellower, but equally powerful, with “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, “The Rover”, “Dazed & Confused”, “The Ocean” and surprisingly the more rare “In The Light”.However, although I could hear that whole middle section of the set, and caught glimpses of it, during that time I had travelled off to refill my tankard and visit the men’s lounge… and was stoked to finally meet and have an actual in-person conversation with my long-time phone pal and business connection Mr. Johnny Hill of the L.A. Weekly, as well as meeting his lovely lady Kelley McCarroll too. And then I made it back to the booth in time to catch the band round out their triumphant set with everyone’s all time faves “Kashmir”, “Stairway To Heaven”, “Whole Lotta Love”, “Black Dog” and the big riotous encore “Communication Breakdown” as the crowd went absolutely nuts ! And did I mention that these guys not only play and sound just like their namesake, including vocalist Swan’s impeccable ‘Plant-like voice, but that they also look and dress just like them and even employ the traditional keyboards and Theremin as well ? Well, all I can say is that if you call yourself a Led Zeppelin fan, and you have not seen them yet, then you need to do yourself the hugest favor and “start getting with the crowd” and checking out their shows regularly, because I guarantee that you will definitely not be disappointed !!!BLUE OYSTER CULT @ BURTON CHACE PARK (Marina Del Rey) ~ By Michael Snider (Former Staff Writer for Flipside Magazine):A great chance to see B.O.C. by the shores of the Pacific, which made a dramatic backdrop to their tales of drug deals gone bad, fascists, dystopian nightmares and gothic horror, set to musical backdrops ranging from the acid-tinged proto-punk and proto-metal of their early years, through the larger than life “Agents of Fortune”/”Spectres” melodic metal grandeur, to their more commercial ‘80’s stylings. If this show had been in 1980 it would have been a madhouse and there probably would have been a riot, but nowadays the vibe was much more stony and relaxed. Singer Eric Bloom and guitarist Donald “Buck Dharma” Roeser are the only original members left – the most important members, one might add, but the loss of the Bouchard brothers was definitely felt. Current drummer Jules Radino certainly is very solid and good by any standard, but he is not Albert Bouchard, who played drums on their classic material of the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The opening song, “The Red and the Black”, from their classic second album “Tyranny and Mutation”, was played slower than on the album or in their live shows of the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. Their set consisted mostly of ‘70’s material, with “Burnin’ For You” and “Shooting Shark” representing the ‘80’s. Bloom and Roeser are still in great form, and look quite good, but the different rhythm section (also including ex-UTOPIA bassist Kasim Sultan) takes some getting used to. Finishing with “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, they performed “Hot Rails To Hell” from TYRANNY and “Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll” from the first album for the encore.I saw a lot of ol’ Westside heads there too, as I’d expected… including my long-time friend Captain Anarchy, of course. He was decked out most accordingly in disguise in very authentic cosplay gear as a member of “The Warriors” cult classic movie gang from 1979. And it was entertaining to see him thoroughly enjoying himself as he weaved through the crowd smoking his Zigret and covertly sipping a massive margarita in a giant AM/PM cup, while taking slugs of rum from a hidden flask and hob-knobbing with the crowd, banging his head, taking pics of the band, and introducing himself as an unknown Warriors gang member that was not in the movie but that was called “Ghost”. It was also pretty funny when he did so while standing there talking nonchalantly to the local cops too, without a bit of concern, and much to their complete ignorance… but those are just some of the things which are why they call him Captain Anarchy, now isn’t it ?ROLLING STONES BURLESQUE SHOW @ THE DRAGONFLY (Hollywood):This was The Captain’s destination after the B.O.C. show, with his entourage of Boss Lady McBusty and Greg Burial. Hats off to Vanessa Burgundy and Lina Lecaro for throwing this wild burlesque spectacle and birthday bash celebrating Mick Jagger (and Lina as well), where a dozen or more hot ladies strutted their stuff to various classic ‘Stones tunes and put on one helluva classy and interesting striptease after another… all being introduced with great spirit and humor by the witty, top notch MC Jeffrey Damnit ! Some of the lovely ladies that performed that night included Lola Pop, Jewel of Denial, Audrey Deluxe, Diamondback Annie, Jessabelle Thunder, Frankie Sin, Olivia Bellafontaine, Anna Bells, Kira Von Sutra, to name just a few. And DJ Apollo Starr must have spun every killer ‘Stones tune that you’d ever wanna hear that night, and then some… not to mention keeping the flow going all night and the dance floor pumpin’ to the wee hours with similar junkie rock type artists like New York Dolls, Johnny Thunders, The Stooges and so much more, with occasional ‘70’s glitter rock cuts thrown in as well. And here my “Warriors” movie gang attire was even more revered, naturally. This was just simply one really fun night, and I highly recommend that you attend these type of themed burlesque nights in the future, as I intend to, they are a total blast… especially if you like dancing, and boobs !!!THE LONDON QUIREBOYS & THE AVIATORS @ WHISKY A GO-GO (WeHo) ~ Split Review By Captain Anarchy & Michael Snider (ex-Flipside Magazine):Hey, it’s The Captain here… THE AVIATORS are a kick ass band from Bakersfield, whom come down to treat us to their brand of well-honed rock ‘n’ roll ever so often, and as they did oh-so well on this night.  Opening with the powerful “Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation” they then moved to their Aerosmith-esque rockin’ and kinda funky “End of the Line” off their hilariously clever-titled “Gotta Have ‘Em To Grab ‘Em” LP. But honestly, vocalist August Young’s enigmatic voice rivals that of Steven Tyler in my opinion, perhaps even dwarfing him because of his higher range and clarity by comparison. From there they played some more killer cuts off their album, including the sort of Zeppelin’-ish “Evermore” and the grungy rocker “The Doctor”, where August’s voice takes on a quality reminiscent of say Willy D. of the Wildboyz. Throughout the set bassist Matt and drummer Sherwin laid down a phat backbone for the kick ass twin guitar attack of larger-than-life character Dan “Daniel Boone” Reynoso and his super ‘70’s young Frampton-like looking counterpart William Slicker. And rounding out the show was a super rendition of Motley Crue’s “Too Young To fall In Love”, dedicated to me no less (LOL !), and followed by two more originals, those being their balls out “Wolfman” and finally “DTB”. So naturally, after this awesome set by Bakersfield’s finest, we had to party with these guys and have a few words… so we took August and Dan to our sneaky spot and got ‘em totally loaded ~ LOL ! Be sure to catch these guys the next time they play anywhere near your town, because they really deliver the goods !!! Hey, it’s Michael Snider here… During the deep, dark Nineties, when the bluesy hard rock of the Stones/Faces/Humble Pie school was becoming rarer and rarer in a Britain that was obsessed with Madchester, shoegazing, electronica, and American grunge, The Quireboys – sometimes known as the London Quireboys – kept that classic style alive, and had international success with the Faces-like “7 O’Clock” and the anthematic “Hey You”.  They never really went away except for a brief period in the late ‘90’s, and have continued to prowl stages at prestigious venues and sleazy dives alike with their boozy, bluesy sound that encompasses all of the old fashioned rock virtues. Their sound has remained pretty constant, and the quality of their material has remained high, and beneath the radar of the trend-obsessed media they’ve continued to do their thing. Their 2005 album, “Well Oiled”, may be their masterpiece. At the Whisky they opened with a song from that album, “Black Mariah”, which was more than a little reminiscent of Iggy Pop’s “Kill City”. They continue to do their thing, taking no prisoners, naming names, and knocking ‘em out live… and did so again in this rare L.A. appearance, their first since opening for The Romantics at The Avalon in 2005. They did pretty much everything you’d expect them to do, closing with “Sex Party” from their first album to everyone’s delight. Simply a great, great show… which The Captain concurred with wholeheartedly as well.LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT @ THE ROXY (WeHo):This notorious band has always had a love/hate relationship with the L.A. goth scene, for many reasons I won’t go in to here. But they’ve continued to tour the rest of the world performing for enthusiastic crowds, and tonight’s show was sold out, so they must be doing something right. And it’s been quite some time since they treated Hollywood to one of their dark shows, and about almost as long since we had gone to see any bands play here in general either, so Lady Victoria and I certainly made our way out for this show draped in some of our finest and most elaborate goth and deathrock attire. And it was good to reconnect with their bassist Randall “Randy” Mathias before the show, an ol’ friend of mine from long before he was ever even in the band. The room was filled with dense fog for pretty much their whole set, with dominant back-lighting as well, much like the way their predecessor bands such as say Sisters of Mercy, etc. would present themselves, and the stage was also adorned with gothic hanging chandeliers. Sporting custom looking, unique deathrock attire and heavy goth makeup, they played a tight set with plenty of driving guitar parts from the extraordinary Matthew Setzer, albeit heavy on the creepy keyboards as one would well expect. Naturally all of their mainstay songs were played to perfection, opening with “Your Best Nightmare” and rounded out with “Kiss”, “Shatter” and many more. Vocalist Sean Brennan’s voice, which can only best be sort of compared to say Rozz Williams of Christian Death as a point of reference, was mesmerizing and haunted the room. And the show was completed with two large video screens showing chilling imagery and intermittent key lyrics going on aside the solid drumming of Pete Pace (who’s been with the band since 2007) and the thick, dark-grooving bass lines of Randy Mathias. Love ‘em or hate ‘em for whatever reason, regardless, we had a great time and thought they were superb nonetheless.ACCEPT & RAVEN @ SABAN THEATRE (Mid-Wilshire):Teaming up with Mad Matt, we sported our denim and leather heavy metal gear and found some prime parking for some lot lizard action before and between the bands for this one. Unfortunately the set times were a little screwy for this show though, since Metal Church were also supposed to play but had to cancel at the last minute. Therefore we missed a portion of RAVEN’s set, and got stuck in the back of the venue for what we did see. Their set was pretty short anyway though, and although it was tight and action-packed it seemed like it consisted of what equated to essentially a medley of some of their more well-known material, with segways mid-point from one song in to the next without ever truly completing one… or at least that’s how we perceived it. But some highlights included the essential “Hard Ride” and “Rock Until You Drop”, as well as “Speed of the Reflex / Mind Over Metal”, “Fire Power” and “On and On”.The origin of the powerhouse band ACCEPT can be traced back to 1968 and having released their ground breaking, self-titled first album in 1979. The band played an important role in the metal genre, alongside pioneers like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, as well as having a huge influence in the development of speed and thrash metal, being part of the German heavy metal scene which emerged in the early to mid-1980’s. They achieved their first truly large scale commercial success though with their fifth studio album “Balls to the Wall” in 1983, spawning their well-known hit by the same name. But their true overall sound is far from that AC/DC-ish hard rock style “wonder hit”, and is in fact far more aggressive, headbanging chunk-metal – specifically like that of say Metal Church, both musically and vocally (the latter circa David Wayne-era), but obviously spanning far back before that band’s inception. And though like so many others I was skeptical at first to see the band without the presence of original vocalist Udo Dirkschneider, it became immediately obvious that his replacement Mark Tornillo (former frontman of T.T. Quick) was far more than capable of  handling the exact same style of throat-shredding vocals, if not even surpassing his predecessor I dare say ! And with Tornillo the band has since released in what my opinion is some of their best material so far, with their three highest charting albums to date; “Blood of the Nations” (2010), “Stalingrad” (2012) and “Blind Rage” (2014), the latter of which was their first album to reach number one on the charts in their home country. Hence we were ready and set to rage when they took to the limelight on this night….Once ACCEPT hit the stage it was on ! Security seemed chill, so we stormed the left-front side of the stage and I pressed up against it for maximum headbanging with some other metal heads, which ensued emphatically throughout their show. With surgical-like precision they executed their entire amazing and ultra-powerful 20+ song set opening with some of their most powerful new songs, possibly some of their best ever actually, including “Stampede” (off their “Blind Fury” LP) and “Stalingrad” (conjuring images of say the movie “Enemy at the Gates”, which I had to go re-watch the next day because of it), “Hellfire” and “200 Years” (off their “Stalingrad” LP). Then they also treated us to the classics “Losers And Winners” and the ‘Priest-like “London Leather Boys” off the “Balls” LP before hitting us with four more slammin’ songs from their last two current releases, three select cuts off their “Restless and Wild” LP (1982), and then a few more newer songs (all too numerous to list here, obviously) ! And closing out this incredible night of metal were naturally their vital tracks “Fast as a Shark”, “Metal Heart”, “Teutonic Terror” and of course “Balls to the Wall”, in what was one of the most impressive metal shows we saw all year, hands down ! And the band seemed to be equally impressed with my enthusiasm for them, as they gave me the “head’s up” consistently throughout their set, came over and bumped fists with me many times, and complimented me for my gigantic spikey metal hairdo and sick metal makeup… and at the end the drummer even walked straight over to me and handed me one of his sticks ~ LOL ! What an awesome night !!!IRON MAIDENS & HOLY GRAIL @ VIPER ROOM (WeHo):I teamed up with Greg Burial this night, and after some quick partying in our sneaky lot spot we rolled in just in time for HOLY GRAIL. They completely slaughtered the crowd with a short-but-sweet set of select and super powerful, machine-tight speed metal thrashers plucked from their two album releases. Vocalist James Luna pierced the ears of the exuberant audience with his high pitched screams and guitarist’s Eli Santana and Alex Lee laid down harmonizing guitar solos to die for, all the while backed extremely solid by bassist Blake Mount and drummer Tyler Meahl. If you like speed and thrash metal and you’re still not familiar with them then you should be, but I guess you could describe them as say traditional NWOBHM on 45rpm… along the lines of Judas Priest circa their “Painkiller” LP meets like Racer X, etc.. Do yourself a favor and go see these guys a.s.a.p., as they continue to gain steam both nationally and internationally, securing solid support slots for major touring acts… you won’t be sorry !Everyone knows that I’ve never been quite the biggest fan of female-fronted or lady-lineup metal bands, no offense but it’s just “not my biggest thing”… but I must say that the foxy IRON MAIDENS totally blew me away this night ! Unfortunately it was supposed to be a super quick trip back to the lot to down a few, but we encountered Mojo El Diablo and Ultimate Bandgirl and ended up swilling copious amounts, including Jager (aka “Yackmeister” ~ LOL !) and thus effectively missed the first half of their set which included “Aces High”, “2 Minutes to Midnight”, “Killers”, “Revelations”, “Wasted Years” and several more that we really would have liked to have caught. But once back inside we did pay witness to their incredible renditions of “Sea of Madness”, “Purgatory”, “Flash” and importantly the iconic cuts “The Trooper”, ”Still Life”, “Number of the Beast”, “Fear of the Dark” and “Hallowed Be Thy Name”, all played extremely skillfully to a crowd that went berserk, and complete with the ladies sporting top notch according attire and gear and complimented by props, fog, airborne confetti and the whole nine yards. All I can say is these chicks really know their stuff and can play circles around most dudes out there, and then some. And it was great to touch base with their bass player, my long-time friend Wanda Ortiz… who was all over that fret board, locking it down just as killer as Steve Harris any day !SATAN, RAVISH & WIDOW @ WHISKY A GO-GO (WeHo):On a crazy mission to hit two clubs on the same night, those being The Whisky for this show as well as The Viper Room for the next show reviewed after this, myself and my good friend Michael Snider bum rushed The ‘Strip with no delay. There we connected with my ol’ friend Alison MetalBabe, whom set us up with some tickets straight from the band WIDOW, and with whom we proceeded to the front of the stage with to throw down on some serious headbanging to their highly proficient power metal stylings. I wanna say Widow remind of like Racer X but with a different singer, for lack of a better reference, but actually they really just have a sound of their own. Basically they lean toward the neo-classical side of metal and draw influences from forerunners like Crimson Glory, King Diamond, ‘Maiden, ‘Priest, ‘Malmsteen and the like, and have been named by Metal Hammer magazine as one of the leaders of the “New Wave of Traditional Metal” and been recognized as being at the front of the new melodic metal uprising. And co-vocalist and phenomenal lead guitar shredder Chris Bennett really stood up to the call, and somehow managed to fill the room with his lone guitar attack live I’ve never see pulled off before by a local level type of three piece band, all the while trading vocals with dead-on John E. Wooten IV on bass and backed by drum monster Jason Wheeler. So I think you probably get the picture here, and can understand when I say that they were essentially my personal favorite band of the night, because I absolutely love the type of metal that these three mad men brought to the table, all the way from their hometown of Raleigh, NC. And it was great to get to meet them afterward, because they were some really cool, personable dudes. No rock star big head attitude crap here… guess it’s ‘cuz of that whole Southern hospitality thing man. Thanks to MetalBabe for turning us on and connecting us  ~ Cheers!Next we headed to the Viper Room for Prima Donna (See Mike’s review next), then straight back to yet another new sneaky lot-spot to pull some heavy swilling shenanigans, thus opting to skip some of the other acts. But unfortunately we partied way too long and lost track of time, and ultimately missed most of RAVISH, catching only their last three songs. On this night they played as a stripped down three piece act, and I must say that although they had their game face on and knocked out their thrash metal attack pretty well, I nonetheless still prefer them as a full blown unit… but hats off to them for flying the flag high no matter what. Then it was back to the lot again, along with Mojo, for some more hardcore alcohol infusion and heavy convo, and again also involving the “Yackmeister” on this night, and again for far too long. But we returned for some of the key songs by SATAN, including “Break Free”, “Trial By Fire” and  “Blades of Steel” off their seminal “Court in the Act” debut LP from 1983, all of which were presented very professionally. And for those of you that are unfamiliar with SATAN, they’re a heavy metal band originating from Newcastle, England in 1979 and are known as part of the original NWOBHM  movement. And though they were somewhat obscure throughout their career, the band is considered influential for playing a form of proto-thrash metal that was fairly advanced by the standards of the early 1980’s. Their line-up has undergone a number of personnel changes and even changes in band name; for a time the band was called Blind Fury, putting out one album (1985’s “Out of Reach”), under that moniker before reverting back to Satan. In 1988 the group changed its name again to The Kindred and then yet again to Pariah, releasing two albums under that name before folding in the early ‘90’s. In 1997 Pariah released another album. The band’s shifting lineup has included members of many other heavy metal bands such as Blitzkrieg, Rough Edge, Pariah, Atomkraft, Avenger, Persian Risk, Cronos and Battleaxe.  In 1990, Steve Ramsey (guitar) and Graeme English (bass) together with singer Martin Walkyier of UK thrash metal band Sabbat also founded the folk metal band Skyclad.But enough with the history lesson… suffice it to say that they laid down some solid, hardcore old skool thrash metal, complimented with some harmonizing guitar solos and that was no joke. But I’m not the biggest fan of singer Brian Ross’s vocals per say, as I find him to be a bit too monotone-ish and thus “run-on” after a while, and not in as good of a way as say Lemmy for instance… so we stayed for a bit, but then headed back to the Viper for the last band of the night, but that’s another review altogether (so see the next one dum-dums)……..CATS FROM JAPAN & PRIMA DONNA @ VIPER ROOM (WeHo) ~ By Michael Snider (Former Staff Writer for Flipside Magazine):Okay, I don’t remember much about this show but here it goes…(*Captain’s Note: That’s ‘cuz I got him kinda hammered ~ LOL !)PRIMA DONNA all dressed like cops, reminiscent of the first San Francisco punk band called “Crime”. This made for a great pre-Halloween extravaganza for this packed venue. This S.F. Valley punk and glitter rock crossover group, that also incorporates saxophone on some songs, actually comes off more like a junkie rock band like Dolls/Heartbreakers/Mott the Hoople and with hints of say Hanoi Rocks, etc. though. Actually I’ve heard of them describing themselves as “glam-punk’n’roll, which sounds about right. They’ve gained quite some notoriety, having been on road trips with Eddie and the Hot Rods, Adam Ant, Glen Matlock & The Philistines, The Dictators, and even Green Day, who they supported on two arena tours on two continents. And vocalist Kevin Preston has also continued participation in the Green Day side-project Foxboro Hot Tubs since then as well. Kevin’s an extremely energetic front man and goes all over the place. He really knows how to stimulate a crowd. And he did so this night enthusiastically, as they laid down many of their best songs from both of their albums “After Hours” (2008) and “Bless This Mess” (2012). The Captain and I both agreed this was a really fun show, having stood right upfront the whole time, and we got to exchange a few words with them afterwards and they totally still remember us from hanging at many of their earlier shows back in the day, which was cool.They have a new album coming out soon called “Nine Lives and Forty Fives”, I look forward to hearing it, and so should you !The Bowie tribute band CATS FROM JAPAN were up next. Despite their name, they’re actually from Texas. The singer really looks and sounds just like ‘Bowie in the early ‘70’s. Since Bowie is retired from performing, and, even if he were to come back, he would never do the Ziggy persona that he has not done since 1974 again, so this is the next closest thing… or at least for those of us who were not old enough to see ‘Bowie in the early ‘70’s. Cats from Japan were able to pull off their simulation very well, knocking out all of the best ‘Bowie songs from the era and including brass and piano, etc. and even took us through some of their namesake’s finer later era hits as well, complete with coinciding costume changes on the vocalist’s part. The Captain was apparently having a blast too, dancing his ass off and rockin’ out the whole time, and we both agreed that this band and their show is definitely one that you should catch if you are a ‘Bowie fan !KING DIAMOND @ THE WILTERN (Mid-Wilshire / Koreatown) ~ By Prince of Darkness (Former Staff Writer for Rock City News):THE KING IS BACK!  ALL HAIL THE KING!!!After an absence of over a decade, the one and only King Diamond was back in L.A. at The Wiltern on Halloween, no less, for a beyond sold out show that turned out to be the hottest metal ticket the city had seen in years. His live show reputation looms large, and he came through in spades with a dynamic, multi-level, haunted mansion stage set up that was truly awesome to behold. Beginning the proceedings performing behind an eerie twelve foot cast iron fence, the 14 song set opened with “The Candle”, which definitely established the tone for the remainder of the evening.Although the focal point was obviously King Diamond and his distinctive vocals, the band he assembled for this tour deserves praise for being a tight, powerful, well-oiled machine that not only did justice to the original recordings but in many cases improved upon them. Led by guitarist Andy LaRocque, who has been with King since his first solo album in 1986, they were truly impressive. Although the vast majority of the set consisted of selections from King Diamond’s extensive solo catalog, he whipped the crowd into a frenzy with back to back Mercyful Fate classics “Evil” and “Come to the Sabbath”, in which his voice sounded practically as good as it did when they were originally released 30 years ago.In summation, this will be in the conversation for best live show of 2014. Hopefully the success of the entire North American tour will mean that we won’t have to wait nearly as long to see King Diamond grace our stages again. And yes, I helped get The Captain totally hammered… as we stood upfront and he raged in his Satanic Priest costume, banging his head like the total maniac that he is ~ LOL !* TO CHECK OUT MORE REVIEWS THAT WE DID NOT HAVE ROOM TO INCLUDE IN THIS ISSUE, BUT DID NOT WANT TO SAVE FOR THE NEXT ONE BECAUSE THEY WOULD BE TOO “OLD NEWS” BY THEN, INCLUDING REVIEWS OF THE WEIRDOS, AVENGERS, GEZA X & RHINO 39 @ THE ECHOPLEX, JUDAS PRIEST @ NOKIA L.A. LIVE, MISFITS & DICKIES @ HOUSE OF BLUES (Sunset),  SLAYER & SUICIDAL TENDENCIES @ THE FORUM, NOTTINGHAM FESTIVAL @ RANCHO TAPO COMMUNITY PARK (Simi Valley), HELTER SKELTER “Sisters of Mercy” Night @ DRAGONFLY, AND MUCH MORE:

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