We’s here w/ Mr Bad Vicious Ruthless himself BVR and his band Half Dead and here’s what they had to say…HOW ARE YOU? BVR: I’d ask how long the band has been around, but by the chaos and what not, I’d like to say…HOW ARE YOU?
BVR: Here’s what we have to say you need to listen to the music all of our music and has a message to tell everyone and has a message of what’s going on in our society in our society is destroying us as individuals listen to what it has to say about what’s coming in the near future listen to what it says that’s what it’s all about all the messages that we have in this music is what the span is about what bands are supposed to be about their supposed to be about spreading the message for people to open up their eyes
Who, what, where, when, why, and how are your influences and bla, bla, answer the question?
BVR:  car beds been around for almost 20 years since about 97 and we’re still going strong influences are Judas Priest Testaments Metallica Black Sabbath Marilyn Manson yeah we played some great shows we played a show with a debt she’s of course that’s suddenly last three songs because of all the girls jumped up on stage took her clothes off my poor blood all over him they loved it but I guess the owners of the club didn’t like it too much what does the future hold for a half dead I guess we just have to look in the future and see. 
Didn’t you have a cable access show back in the day? 
BVR: and yes in the 2000 Iditarod beave TV that’s also on YouTube also you just go to YouTube and go to one word Beavtv and check all those videos out to my last words are if you don’t open your eyes all that you’ll hear is lies, remember a slave mind is a weak mind we all must be strong none of us should be a slave to the machine 
We have a mutual friend, DETHCHEEZ
BVR: And as you say that DETHCHEEZ yes we did a very a very rememberable show with him I think it was at the shack or the joint I don’t remember all these girls showed up there and started taking their clothes off as I poured blood all over them they all jumped on stage and we had a half dead orgy on stage with DETHCHEEZ pretty much the promoters of the venue pretty much told us to get the fuck out along with debts death cheese in about 15 other naked bloody women on stage and all the chaos and Mayhem I guess it wasn’t acceptable but a death cheese loved it that night was total fucking chaos
What does the future hold? 
BVR: what the future holds for us half that is in all of us were all apart of half dead people see what Society has for them and how societies breaking them down album machines tearing them up half-dead will always be around cuz that’s what the music’s all about about the machine try to smash all of us about the machine try to tell us what to do about the machine raping us for all have Ted so we all have to start standing up for ourselves now just look at the way how the machine is trying to take all of our rights away from us and trying to you can find some of our videos on YouTube you can go to enslave us have tents for the people you can see some of our videos on YouTube you can go to halfdeadband 
 Any Last Words?


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