THE BIG FOUR OH: Madame Sunset Interviews Unknown Boy

Once upon a time in a very glamourous venue in Santa Monica my show The Hollywood Kittens took the stage. Immediately following I was greeted by two very attractive gentlemen who said they were in a band and would love for the girls and I to come dance with them. Oh woopty doo was my first thought because on the real at this time we were one of three burlesque shows in L.A. so we got this very often. One of those gentlemen was Adam Daniels and the band was Unknown Boy. It was not until I had listened to the music and had some very intimate convos with ADAM that I knew this was for sure destiny. Unknown Boy and I shared stages and events for years. I know this is not an article about my history with Adam Daniels but lets be real I’m for sure a die hard fan and fellow artist who has been very blessed to have him in my world, and hello who is that hot ass bitch in his music videos? Whos that girl? Hmmmm anyways it is truly unbelievable that this man is turning 40 I don’t think he looks one bit different from the day I met him 15 or so years ago…

I took some time to catch up with Adam on what he has going on currently. Let me tell you first off that this boy does not stop he is on fire and even when it is threatened to be put out it comes to burn even more so. In 2009 Brittany Murphy a good friend of Adams and a very talented actress left this universe at that time he began to look back on all of the hard work that he had put into his music and all that he had given to the local Los Angeles Music scene just as Britany put into her own craft. He also experienced loss of other friends and was at a point where he did not know what was next for him. He went back to his roots to seek inward and as he was in the process of transition and very important lady Cindy Kona discovered Adam and wanted to expose his music to the world by getting him played by Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ by the time Adam actually heard himself being played he was in his hometown of Beaverton, Wisconsin he was in disbelief and so grateful for this. Since he has also been played on on The Radio Candy Indie Show, he has been working with new tracks with D’LuxeDJ and Dubtronic who if you are a fan of Madonna you would know just how amazing this artist is which makes it such an honor for Adam to be pairing up with such talent. Adam has also been working on a creative project with his very beautiful and talented cousin Madeline Raasch and her producer Joshua Richie and OMG I’ll just say looks and talent run in his family, stay tuned because she is going to be off the charts for sure! Adam has a new EP coming out this December in which Christopher G. Ciccone will be creating the cover for, I have to say I’m really looking forward to this release.

Now where are legends like Adam Daniels molded, well in their living rooms putting on shows for their families to Madonna of course, I say this because although Adam will say he put 20+ years of hardwork in, his actual dream began at birth. Destined for greatness with passion for music and performance. These things are not learned, they are given whether it be a curse or a gift they are what they are and I have to say that Adam is a true artist who in the face of any struggle has overcome. He has stayed true to his small town personality and has like a chameleon transformed into this amazing artist just on the tip of sharing his words and vision with the rest of the world. If you have yet to experience Unknown Boy do yourself a favor and indulge.

XOXO Madame Sunset

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