RIP Vinnie Paul by Layla Dethroe

Just a few weeks ago, the metal community has lost another idol. Vincent Paul Abbott was born on March 11, 1964 and was called home to his Brother, this past June 22nd 2018. His career didn’t really start until the Glam Metal band Pantera formed with his brother Darrell Lance Abbott (Dimebag Darrell, Diamond Darrell) and Terry Glaze on guitars, with various singers; which later turned into the heavy, ferocious, metal with fucking balls Pantera that we all know and love. After the initial break up and the murder of His brother, Vinny formed Damage Plan and Hell Yeah! Our staff at Lost Anarchy gives our condolences to the Abbott family and his fans all across the globe in this time of grief.

This is a short collection of stories from fans across the internet:

Mojo El Diablo: around 2011

So, I go to the rainbow and I forgot to wear my makeup so I wore a new cowboy hat that my brother made me, and I walk in and see some other guy wearing a cowboy hat, I didn’t know who he was at first because common celebrities recognize me before I can recognize them, and I asked him “I look like I’m from Brokeback Mountain don’t I?”

He looks at me and that’s when I realized who he was and he said “Yeah, you can’t wear a cowboy hat and not have a beard, you’d look like a faggot!”

And I still tell people what he told me, today!

 Donna Caggiano: Rainbow Bar and Grill Sunday night 2007/8

1st time I met him, he was drinking with Zak Wylde. For some reason Zak felt the need to carry me from the front patio of the Rainbow to the back patio of the Rainbow. Vinny was laughing his ass off as Im telling Zak to put me down before I cut him (which made him laugh harder), and that im fully capable of walking on my own two feet!

 Richie Wristrocket:

When I lived in San Antonio,  A friend living in the Dallas area scored 3 tickets to a spot show at The Bomb Factory with Hellyeah and Anthrax! It was day of, 5pm. We got to the venue just past eight to witness the entire event.  Last song of Hellyeahs set got fuckin ugly and once again I was a victim of rock’n’roll.  A super long haired guy in front of me got shoved from behind, fucking laying waste to me,  knocking my full Budweiser bottle smack into my face… HARD.  Broke my nose,  and my lip. I had just pounded like 6 big beers on the ride up listening to Kreator, so the blood flowed like a fountain.  I dropped to my knees, and the surrounding people and staff immediately attended me.

I was behind the bar receiving first-

Aid,  at the same time hellyeah was breaking down their stuff. Mutherfuckin Vinnie Paul barrels his way past the bar lines and comes right up to me,  taking the bandages from the barmaid, allowing her to serve drinks.  He says,  “Goddamn… Your a victim of rock’n’roll tonight dude.  I saw that shit. ” I was all shaken, bottom lip trembling,  and said, “yeah.  Sometimes it’s required.”

He bellowed his ass off and crudely taped off my forearm,  which had a raspberry the size of a pomegranate on it. He leaned over to some staff member and said something then as he was walking away he said,  “dude,  thanks for coming to see us, we saw y’all. “

And my two friends and I along with a couple babes we met,  got anything in the house on the house for the rest of the night, on vinnys tab. We probly had 15 drinks each during Anthrax and the hour after.

 Stefan Dw:

I’ll never forget this Rockfest with Hell Yeah headlining the second stage… They took a bit to arrive, people didn’t think they’d show, and here comes this huge bus about 30 minutes til set time. He came out and I took a pic, and after all I wanted was a handshake. That’s all I needed. A defining moment for me as a drummer, to be able to meet one of the biggest drummers in history. Thanks for your ability, and sharing it with us, I’ve learned a great deal, and still learning. RIP Vinnie

 Vinnie Paul has touched so many peoples lives in so many walks of life and he would be sorely missed in the Heavy Metal Community

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