RIP Edwin Borsheim 1977-2017

In dedication to the memory of my long time friend Sir Edwin Borsheim of Kettle Cadaver (R.I.P.) whom passed away today (6/20/17)… one of the most wild, fearless, innovative and interesting individuals that I ever had the pleasure of knowing and to have shared the bond of friendship with.

He was a deep and poetic yet often troubled soul that somehow still managed to shine a cheerful light upon so many of us that knew him and bring a smile to our faces, and he never ceased to shock and amaze most everyone with whom he crossed paths with his in-person antics and on-stage showmanship.

I knew Edwin and the Kettle Cadaver crew for more than 20 years, ever since he was a young man starting out, and he often told me and many others around him that I had been a great inspiration to him and also in regard to his introduction to the Hollywood music scene, an admiration for which I have always been humbly honored by… and I will miss him greatly and always cherish our friendship and his memory.

May He Rest In Peace… And May We Meet Again Someday And Feast Together In The Halls Of Our Ancestors.

-Marky De Sade aka Captain Anarchy

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