No Orginality in Hollywood by Robert Storms

 “There is no orginality in Hollywood anymore!” This is something I hear all the time. In fact it really pisses me off. Sure it easy to think Hollywood gave up on orginal movies when all you see are reboots and sequels, but is that really the true story? I’m not to sure about that.  In today’s world news is spread much faster then ever before due to the internet, and it seems like everyone has an opinion, such as my self. The fact of the matter is that there is more orginal films now then there as ever been.It’s just that we as a group only hear about the big blockbusters. Sure it seems like every time we turn around its another pointless reboot or squel to something we don’t need or want, or yet again another young adult novel to film that doens’t make money(Divergents). The truth is if you look at the ratio of reboots/squels to orginal film then you will notice that we get way more orginal movies. The problem is Hollywood the problem is us a film viewers. Great orginal films such as Hell or high water and Kubo and the two strings were fantactic yet no one goes and sees them. movies like swiss army man, the neon demon and sing street are all new films with orginal ideas yet I bet know even heard of them, But let another shitty Transformers film come out and it will make millions. The problem isn’t Hollywood at all it’s you. The reader. the people who complain yet doesn’t bother to go see these type of films. Hollywood only markets to what they think people want to see and if Transformers 22 is what they think the people want then they will make it.  In the end don’t complain about something if you refuse to adress the overall issue and the fact that you the read are indeed part of the problem. I am Robert Storms and that is my opinion.

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