Nickstock and The Buzzz…. Set list

LAM: Thanks for the interview.. Buzzz…. I’d like to ask you about NICKSTOCK 2018 and your set list for the event:

BZ: Great! NICKSTOCK has been going on in upstate NY for decades and it has finally found the perfect venue. 2018 was better than ever! This venue has a full bar and showers! For a three camp out event with 40 bands and cheap beers, the event needs a full bar and showers. Instead of drinking from a keg, a full bar is a great addition!

LAM: How many times has the Buzzz…. Played NICKSTOCK?

BZ: Too many to count.. over ten that’s for sure. Nick has it twice a year and sometimes we do both events. A big crowd of rockers,.. an all night camp out with a late night rave! As an LA rock band, that’s all we need.

LAM: In Rolling Stone Magazine they interviewed Jack White and his set list. I thought it was a good idea. Let’s talk about your NICKSTOCK 2018 set list.

BZ: We start out rocking with the party tune

  1. “P’P’P’ Party! Plenty of guitar solos, a great sing along anthem that gets the crowd into the hart hitting rock music Buzzz… style.
  2. Pizza and Beer! No doubt our biggest hit and great video. The delivery pizza man joins the band on the spot! Hilarious! The NICKSTOCK crowd knows this song well and it’s a must song to play
  3. My Monkey and Me! Arguably the best song we do LIVE! It a song with lyrics from many different bands who have a monkey line in one of their songs. Listen close, we quote The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Cinderella, The Beastie Boys, The Monkeys, Aerosmith, Peter Gabriel. A great rocking crowd pleaser!
  4. I Still Got My Whiskey! I fell our most important song. A four part song where we rhyme a set about money, another set about girlfriends, then alcohol, the drugs. A fast rap tune set to a strong rock beat!
  5. E = MC Squared! This song and video put us on the map and on the radio in the 90’s. A great nuclear protest video and simply a great protest song! Einstein was a man/who we still don’t understand! One day came out of his head/Now, were gonna be dead! A thinking mans song!
  6. Just Another Whore! This is a black comedy love song. Even better rock video. I didn’t mean to call her a whore! I was upset and lashed out! Don’t expect poodle rock from The Buzzz… we know how to push the envelope
  7. Bikers…Babes…Beers… A great chance for out back up singer pole dancers to sign loud and proud! Our next video project. The song didn’t make our first album even though out first album was named Bikers…Babes…Beers.. simply a great rock song! One of our best.
  8. Pussy Cat Blues! Another love song! This time featuring a kitty cat. The song has clever lyrics and smoking guitars. A real crowd pleaser!

LAM: That about covers it.. thanks for your time! Any last comments?

BZ: If you love fun, bands, crowds and a great time, its worth the trip. Nick Fucco really knows how to put on a rock festival and now its better than ever! NICKSTOCK! Oh, catch The Buzzz… September 18th at The Rainbow with Nick’s metal mayhem.

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