Lemmy Kilmeister Statue Unveiling by Layla Dethroe

Ian Fraser Kilmister was born in Burshem, Stoke-On-Tent, England, December 24th 1945. Being inspired by the Beals, he was involved in countless of projects in list life before landing a gig as a roadie for Jimmy Hendrix, where is said is around the time when he got his nick name “Lemmy.” (As he frequently said “Lemme a dollar…”). Five year after Hendrix’s death, in 1970, Motorhead was born, and cemented himself in the Heavy Metal, History Books. December 28th 2015, after being reported to have left his birthday party early, and not looking or playing as well as he used to, the world has lost Lemmy Kilmister. With weeks of mourning, an amazing man, Katon De Pena, had an idea to go to West Hollywood city council and the owners of the Rainbow to start a fund raiser on youcareing.com with a deadline of March 1st. Not only Motorhead fans raised the money but surpassed it by almost 2000 dollars, which will go to cancer research in Lemmys name.


My day started out waking up at in the fucking morning. If you don’t know me, waking up this eary is almost unheard of, just to catch a train, a subway, and a bus just to get to a bar before sundown. But I have a job to do tonight… Well, all day really.  Today is Lemmy Kilmister’s statue unveiling the Rainbow and I’m covering it for all my friend, who couldn’t make it out to see it.

I took the bus from the subway to the whiskey a go go with knots in my stomach, expecting to be greeted by a line from Hell, but to my surprise, I was greeted by friendly waitresses, Micheal and Mikey Magliari , with only one super fan outside, not knowing what to do.

What I’ve seen so far his past week, they have bought newer tables, and bar stools, commemorating the late hero with the Motorhead emblem in slier and black. The statue was being held in a wooden crate in the back of the restaurant, (around the corner from the infamous kitchen bathrooms) earlier in the morning, he was moved to a lit up, sparkling black shrine in the back of the outside bar, about five steps away from his spot at the bar, where he played his video poker game. *FUN TIP* The game machine that is here now, is not the one that he played on! Lemmy’s fiancé Cheryl had bought the game from the bar as a birthday gift for this past birthday.

I’m currently writing this now at one of the new tables, full from my cheese burger and breakfast Guinness. Awaiting the mass crowd of Motorhead fans, trying to catch a glimpse of this fan funded statue of a hero.

As an hour or two pass by, photographers and others come in, dressed in denim war vests with spikes and Motorhead bottom rockers. They take their fake Candid shots of fans and giving out their cards like souvenir photographers at theme parks. Slowly but surely the Rainbow started picking up in popularity, but around six it becomes increasingly harder to find a bartender to get a drink.

Among the people showing up are Ron Jeremy Andrew Bryniarski, Jimmy Clinton, Hal Stone, Scotty, and a baker’s dozen full of photographers, writers, musicians, directors, radio DJs, and fans , young and old. The staff  had to walk around the outside of the building just to do the simplest of tasks, until it slightly relieved for five minutes when the upstairs bar opened for space…

IT was around 7:20 ish , when a city council woman,  Cheryl, Dio’s wife, Micheal and Mikey Magliari, all took turns with the microphone , giving their thanks and telling their short stories about Lemmy, before they took the tarp down as a team and removed the ply wood covering the statue. Instantly The Ace of Spades sound tracked the blinding flashes of cameras and a flood of bodies running up on the shrine to take a selfie.

Old and young, Black and white, Satanist and Catholic, from around the world were shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, together in singing as one.  The Rainbow might have been chaotic in the meaning of the word, but in the meaning of the word in a social sense, was peaceful, beautiful and amazing.

I have been at the Rainbow for nearly 12 hours, and it was worth it.

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