Kill X, the Dominator

KILL X is a French Guitarist, Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (Synthesizers & Drums programming). He is also involved in music production & engineering. In 1993 he formed the band “Scarz” as a guitarist /singer. He will record his 1st demo in a real studio where he would learn the technique in engineering and production. He performed his first gig at Le Gibus, a famous Paris club where many rock legends played such as The Police, Johnny Thunders, Telephone. In 1994 he unexpectedly performed a cover song on stage with Tyla (Dogs D’amour) in a club in Paris. He will later work on songwriting and programing to make and record all the instrumental music by himself.

ACT 1: 1995-1999
Kill X starts a band called Undercover Slut in Paris France with singer “O”
They released a bundle of demos sold on the streets and in front of venues of Paris.
1995 : “Foreplay…” (3 tracks demo tape)
1996: “Addicted, obessessed and possessed” (2 tracks demo tape)
1996: “It’s Only Indie Rock’n’roll But I Like It – Compilation 2” (Delinquent Records)
1998: “Lipstikk Whore #666” (5 tracks demo tape )
“Humiliation” video (1998)
1998: “The Pink and the Black – A Goth and Glam Collection” (Delinquent Records)
1999: “Sadistic Sampler” (CD 9 tracks)
Undercover Slut performed only one live show with Kill X in 1998.

ACT 2: 1999-2001
He starts a new solo project called Lethal Injection and releases on his own a 10 songs demo cd called “The other lie form”.

ACT 3: 2002-2012
Kill X and American singer RS SAIDSO (previously in The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13) form Electra-Kill. The “Enema” demo is recorded in 2002 and in 2005 they unleash “The Death Of Venus 292″ album (a major distribution deal is signed with Synergy Media Group and the album is released nation wide in the United States where it met rave reviews from all formats of media. The single “Mint Girl” gets a promotional video shot in Las Vegas/LA. The song “Dirty Pretty Things (The Morning After)” appears on the compilation “Lost Anarchy Volume 1: Buy Or Die” (Demons In Exile Records). Live show In Chicago for Bodog Music Battle of the Bands in 2006. Electra-Kill toured in UK and all over North America during 2007-2009. On many livesets, Kill X also delivered musically & vocally a modern rock version of Olivia Newton John’s “Physical”, previously recorded as a demo.

ACT 4: 2012-2014
Kill X shows off his guitar solo skills with 5 instrumental solo studio performances and cover guitar videos on various online websites like Youtube. He scores music theme for an adult comedy cartoon (Chris Reynolds Variety Hour) and his music is being occasionally featured on the LOST ANARCHY MAGAZINE, “America’s last real pulp magazine”, on their Youtube animated review series.

ACT 5: from 2014
After working on new material, Kill X returns with his own solo project called KILL X (aka XMANIA), a combination of keyboards-driven electronic intertwined with hybrid drums and powerful guitars. A solo live act is being prepared with the ambition to “make music great again”. 14 crafted songs will be showcased exclusively on stage, including the song “Dominator” that was used as a teaser for the upcoming live performances.

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