We’s here w/ local rock artist Katey Ashley and here’s what he’s gots to say…
K.A. Barely alive but it’s going great! Thanks for asking. My weekend vacation to hell ended
abruptly, so I’m back and ready to fill out this survey, questionnaire… I mean Interview!
How long you been around in the scene?
KA: I’ve been active & part of the Hollywood scene for about 7 years now. Originally from central California & raised by gypsy’s. At the ripe age of thirteen I was locked away with rations and guitars.. The rest is history. I played guitar and bass for a shit ton of bands. Wrote the music & appeared on 31 pieces of vinyl. Played about a hundred gigs. A few tours Blah Blah Blah. Moved to Hollywood with my girlfriend and cats & joined a bunch of rock bands that fell apart faster than you can say Hollywood ego backwards. My conclusion was screw this, I’ll just write my own songs and be the frontman, sing the best I know how, turn some heads and most importantly make music for the Hollywood scene to feast on. And run from. Hard rock has been slim pickings for new acts as of late. Total hit or miss bargain bands everywhere.. I’m here to set the alarm for midnight and bring
energetic original rock n roll back to the city hipsters and our dying scene.
Who are your influences?
KA: Ahhhh the mother question of all cliche interview questions. Wow. I can’t believe it. Full circle man. Okay I’m going to answer this the best I can.
Chapter one
“Why does that guy sound so fucked up & unorthodox, I thought this was supposed to be a rock show?” yells the broken down barfly as he staggers from the bathroom.
Influential man! My goal is to stand apart from all the other locals. Bring anticipation and make late 80’s hard rock in an interesting fun way that doesn’t sound like anything across the table. I’d rather come across like a breath of fresh air, opposed to a vaulted coffin.
I write my music & lyrics this way for good reason.
I gotta, or no one else will.. It’s like my duty to Hollywood. Something new. Something blue. Something off the charts and
completely different from the rest. This is a strange time. We’re in fucking 2018, don’t even get me started.
Chapter two
Days past and I find myself listening to the same bands I listened to 10 years back. Love/Hate. GnR. Zeppelin. Doors. The vast inventory of albums engraved in my brain like the worn out grooves in the vinyl to which they belong. The Germs playing in the background underneath the shockingly loud vigilante TV show. Underneath a series of guitar riffs coming from my Marshall half stack in the corner with some light improvised singing under that.  This tells the neighbors “he may be friendly… But I’m not sure it’s such a good idea” The sound shifts to Brittany Spears. Then to Kool Keith at maximum volume. Van halen to Megadeth. Then the room starts to get softer as Madonna plays so low you can only hear mangled fragments of her chorus’s. The neighbors were sure now. “No way we’re knocking”
Chapter three
My trusty guitarist Danny Boner and I are sitting at the bar of broken dreams drinking & having a great fucking time. The guy literally walks through the lakes of hell to rock out with me & the boys. After rehearsal he drives me to the Rainbow & feeds me beer & food and drops me home like it was just all part of the plan. My guitarist is better then yours. I keep my promises.
Danny kicks so much ass and there’s nothing more unstoppable then when you drop the two of us piss drunk on the sunset strip.
It can get messy but it’s all rock n’ roll in the end. This influences me greatly. My drummer Hector lives next door to me. Drummers disappear into thin air so it’s nice to have him nearby because I fear one day he may be hard to pinpoint in one location. Like he’s right here in front of me but everywhere all at once. It’s how mother earth evenly distributes the most talented people I guess. A huge bright light in the sky with a sonic boom takes me from a weed nap to panic in five seconds. Hector and I see something out the window. A black shadowy figure of sorts leaping from the fire escape. Good thing LA has amazing weed or I may never sleep again. A great guy & phenomenal percussionist. And you can bring him home to Mom too! No joke,
“Who’s that?” says the middle age, but ageing well rocker girl at the gig. That’s my Marcello, my bassist I reply. Marcello might not say too much but he plays bass like the world stopped for a moment and the vibrations from his amp make squiggly lines on the walls. But then I realized these lines may just be the pot and beer talking. Never the less. The walls will shake as his bass will rumble. His back up vocals will cut through like an enchantment In other words missy, go talk to him, I say. You can sit on his amp, he won’t mind.
What makes you tick?
KA: Cover bands! It’s a plague. Just Hate em. It’s ruining the scene. Just stop and leave it to the Professionals baby.  It’s just exhausting. I can’t talk about this. Non stop LA Traffic. Washed up rock bands being mean to there dying breed of followers and long time dedicated fans. That’s such a buzz kill, I swear. Trust fund babys with no concept of anything. Must be hard work to think you’re special without actually doing anything, ever. This could go on for hours. You get my point. Life isn’t for the weak. It’s the only reason we’re all still here.
What are your plans for the future?
KA: I’ve been doing singles on vinyl but it may cease for a few because I’m currently in the process of writing material for a full length album. 8 or 9 tracks. So far it’s coming along really cool and I feel the output will be colossal compared to the singles. It will take a while. It’s still in beginning stages so I have no idea how long it’ll actually take. But I assure you when it does hit shelves, or excuse me when it does hit SoundCloud it’ll be a new day in Hollywood. Other then that, I’ll keep on rocking and doing my thing with the boys until hell freezes over or engulfs us in flames. Either way that’s the plan.
Any shows lined up?
KA: I only play local gigs twice a year and sadly the 2018 quota has been met. There is talks of us hitting the road with Crash our friends from Texas but who knows if I’ll even make it through the week. Sounds amazing though. Those guys are tons of fun. This is something I’d like to do. We’ll see. Early next year I’ll do a local gig. Like on my band page on facebook for show updates and keep an eye out for the small paper stacks in your local boutique. We play a crazy, urgent & energetic live set never to disappoint. But yeah, Come out to our gigs. Get drunk and buy our newest vinyl cause I always seem to pull a new release’ out my ass somehow. And these puppy’s are pressed in limited quantities so don’t sleep on it, my shit has an exparation date for best usage.
Who the hell is mrs valdez?
KA: A statue on Melrose? Honestly.. I’ll have to talk to my manager. Let me sleep on it
Any last words for your fans?
KA: I think it’s really great to keep printed magazines alive and circulating in the scene. Thanks to Lost Anarchy Magazine and our fearless leader Mojo for his relentless urge to do just so. I also want to give a shout out to my official distributer Metal Babe Music who will be distributing the upcoming album. If you’re reading this and haven’t heard me i suggest you go to your local record shop and pick up a few of my records. It may just enlighten you. Or make your stronger somehow. Because I am something else, and I kinda sorta promise you ain’t heard nothing quite like this yet. I know.. I know.. It’s an empty threat. I always figured I’ll achieve the
recognition I deserve the second I die. But hey, worth a shot! I conclude that the city is mine by nightfall. If you don’t like it, get out!
This is our city now & it’s future depends on us!  Lastly thanks for the interview. It made for an eventful night. For me anyway. haha
Goodnight rock n’ roll land! See ya’all in hell!

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