it’s amazing what you appreciate when it’s not there…

ONLINE BANKING THAT WORKS, BEING SINGLE, YOUR 30S, SANITY, MONETIZATION ON YOUTUBE, THE AMERICAN DREAM (where you can get to the top from the bottom, instead of now where you just inherit it from daddy), BEING ABLE TO SAY SOMETHING W/O TRIGGERING SOME AUTOMATED SERVER SET TO SJW, GOOD STAR WARS MOVIES, POSERS BEING SHUNNED (instead of praised, cuz their sheltering parents enable them), MUSIC THAT’S NOT SOULLESS POP, COMEDY ACTUALLY BEING FUNNY INSTEAD OF GENERIC, BULLIES, TRASH CANNING POMPOUS FUKKHEDZ WHO ARE ASKING FOR IT, ROUGH SEX (and not being tried for sexual assault), BEING NORMAL, AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT’S NOT POLITICALLY INCORRECT…realize this is on the Danny Christ facebook so give it about a few weeks and you all know i’ll be suspended for another 30 days #sjwgencide

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