Is Captain Anarchy Fictionkin?

I love it when women advocate for gender-neutral bathrooms… I think it’s fuckin’ hilarious! I mean I suppose gender-neutral bathrooms are pretty “PC cool” and all… that is as long as you ladies don’t mind sitting on toilet seats that douche bag guys have pissed all over, and handling faucets and then washing your hands and face in sinks that they have also pissed on and in as well, which sadly is what a whole lot of guys do in case you weren’t aware. 😵 😳 😲 🤮 😷But hey, I’m just stating the obvious reality of the situation, I didn’t “invent the game” so don’t “hate the player” or “kill the messenger” here just for pointing it out, nor for saying that with that information in mind ya’ might just wanna re-think your advocation for such facilities and simply be thankful and grateful for the gender-specific restrooms that you have now, not only here but in society in general… just sayin’. 🙄 I mean uhhhh… ya’ think ? 😵 🤨 🤔Uhhhh… DOY ! 😵 🤪 🤤 ~ ROTFLMFAO !!! 😂🤣😂 I’ve just gotta laugh because having Führer Frümpler is actually probably not all that different from what having had Hillary as our president might have been like, meaning in the sense that he is very much like many typically indecisive, emotionally-challenged, flip-flopping women in regard to his opinions, stances and policies… LMFAO !!! 😯😜😝😂And no offense ladies, as this is by no means meant to imply that all women are like that… but yep, I just “went there”. And hey, I don’t make the stereotypes, however stereotypes themselves do typically tend to exist for a reason, and that reason is because they often times largely tend to be true to some degree or another… “so don’t hate the playa, hate the game”, ya’ll feel me ? ~ ROTFLMFAO !!! 😯😜😝😂It just blows my mind when people tell me that they’ve come to L.A. before, or particularly even more so if they have actually even lived here, but that they are not familiar with the “Westside” though… like as if they never even left Hollywood or the Valley the whole time that they were here, which means that they missed out on the whole rest of the city and what it has to offer… I just don’t get that. 😵 🙄And I mean hasn’t everyone at least heard the expression “West-siiiide” all over television, movies and in music videos and such for the last 30+ years, and seen the infamous “W” hand sign gesture being “thrown up” everywhere, and figured out at least more less if not exactly where the geographical area is that the expression and hand sign is referring to ? 😵 🤨 🤔I mean come on people, really ? 😵 🤪 🤤 😞~ LMFAO !!! 😝 😂


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