How to Fix Archer on FXX?

YES, WE’S BACK IN ACTION, GODDAMNIT!2nite on The Sunset Strip it’s LAST IN LINE (ft. The original lineup of DIO), Divine Intervention: Live at the Whisky a Go GoBrownies and Lemonade at The Roxy TheatreCashed Out – A Tribute To Johnny Cash at The Viper RoomTransgender (saying i can’t say another shorter word for it) night at 1 OAK Los Angeles, and most importantly, it’s the official launch party for Lost Anarchy Magazine at Nick Fuoco presents Metal Mayhem Fridays w/ BazerkDollar & ChangeStreet Lynx, and The Cocks! Live @Rainbow Bar & Grill, Friday, 7/14…SEE YOU FUKKHEDZ AND FORNICATORS AT THE RAINBOW BAR AND GRILL (tis our last weekend before heading to San Diego Comic Con).with that said and in other news:Dear Adam Reed (creator of Archer):WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?Your show has gone to shit since you stopped w/ the spy stuff and decided to do useless seasons like:ANDwhen you have a goldmine of running gags right in front of you.  FOR FUCK SAKES YOUR SPY AGENCY WAS CALLED ISIS!HERE’S A PITCH FOR THE NEXT SEASON: bring them back to espionage when the world mistakes them for ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror.ANOTHER PLOT POINT IDEA:since Jessica Walter is basically playing Lucille Bluth as a spy, why the fuck not get more Arrested Development alumni into the mix.MAYBE BRING ODIN IN THE MIX WHERE WE FIND OUT THE HEAD OF ODIN (as you all know is voiced by Jeffery tambor) HAS AN ESTRANGED SON (voiced by Will Arnett) WHO HAS A SECRET THAT INVOLVES THE ARCHERS#itwouldbebetterthantheshitsandwichwegotnowmrreed

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