Hollywood Sherriff’s Very Late Album Reviews

The Lords of Altamont are a rock and roll band from Los Angeles, California. The band mixes the sounds of ’60s Garage and psychedelic rock, American punk rock, British rhythm and blues and glam combined with B-movie biker exploitation imagery. The current lineup consists of former members of The Bomboras, The Fuzztones and The Cramps. As of 2014 the band has released five albums on various labels including the newest, The Lords Take Altamont, an homage to the infamous concert from which the band takes its name.

The current lineup consists of Jake “The Preacher” Cavaliere, lead vocalist and Farfisa organ, Dani Sin, guitar, Theo, bass guitar, and Steven ‘Knuckles’ Van der Werff on drums.

The story of the band has its proper start in late 1999. Veterans of the SoCal music scene Jake Cavaliere and Johnny Devilla, late of the instro/surf juggernaut The Bomboras, were looking to form something new. Max Eidson, Doran Shelley, and Gabriel Hammond rounded out the original lineup known as “The First Five”. Their first show was at the legendary venue The Garage in Hollywood. Through personnel changes and various challenges over the last 15 years The Lords of Altamont have continued to release albums and play for fans around the world. High points include touring as the support act for their primitive rock n roll idols The Cramps and counting Michael Davis of the MC5 as a past member.

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