Ghost @ the Roxy on May the 4th
Gemini season is almost ( or alredy is) upon us! Which makes those birthed in such season, act a little erratically,(if you believe in that sort of thing, then if not, just enjoy the fucking story and stop being a buzz kill for the rest of us) anywho…
May 4th, I wake up chokeing on my own spit and immediately hating my life. I have a job that pays me for doing virtually nothing. I have all my limbs and an able body that no one would double take at. Im not sleeping in a bathtub. Oh woe is me! When I wake up and cant breathe, you know god has it out for me and my newly privileged ass. I ask mojo if theres anything good going on at the strip that night. He looks at his calendar. Nothing that Im interested in, I might as well take sad, stoned tumblr pics at home, at least if im bored, theres a T.V to stare at for a few hours rather than the dried, cocaine salted skin of one if the many “never-beens” that hang around the back of The Rainbow. “OHHHH SHIIIT LAYLA!!!” Mojo calls me from the new Lost Anarchy office. “I THINK YOU’LL WANT TO GO TO THIS!!!”

Turns out that Ghost is doing a pop up show at The Roxy and is selling tickets at $6.66! “I need to go to this,” I thought to myself “but the concert starts at 9, and I get off of work at 9.” I tell Mojo that I wont be able to go, I’m shit out of luck. Thats when the lady calls (I call my mother lady) in a nut shell she tells me that I shouldn’t kill myself because it’ll be a bitch to get my body back to Texas and I should do something spontaneous for myself,by myself. Shes right. I haven’t had a solo adventure in years, I was growing stale. I call into work saying that I was sick or some shit, and bought a train ticket to LA. The train was nice but i had to half ass my makeup in a rush so my makeup would look somewhat decent while its melting off, standing in what was expected to be a long fucking line. Expectations grated, my bus stop was exactly at the end of the line, I stand for a few minutes only to get a sweaty nun tellinh everyone that the tickets were sold out but you can spend 40 bucks on a t-shirt up stairs at The Roxy. “Fuck this.” I thought. “Im just gonna go entertain myself at The Rainbow. The usual mix of local rockers and tourists where there, plus some of the people in line with me who didn’t get a ticket, the Maglieri family were there with their newest addition as well, celebrating the life of Mario Maglieri, who passed away that day last year. (He is always missed in the hearts and minds of his friends and family).

Here’s a helpful tip on making friends: Be near or have something that everyone needs. I was near the only public outlet that wasn’t being used, and studies have shown that almost everyonr has a cell phone that needs charging in one way or another. Throw cigarettes and a lighter into the mix, you’ll be surrounded by potential friends like flys on shit!

There where these two latinx who were my main friends for the day, their names escape me but they were super racist twards white people, which made me slightly uncomfortable because, if you’ve met me, I am the most coconut latina you’d ever meet. They were cool though, one of them got so drunk that she spent $100 for a ticket that a scalper was selling. Sucker.

Captain Anarchy calls and asks several lengthy questions about Ghost for his article about their show last year and I didnt know anything about the band other than their music is amazing, so I BS’d and just agreed to every speculation he had. (which were all wrong)

“Hey, do you have a ticket?” this well dressed woman asks. “Nah, I’m sorry” I disappointingly exclaim. “No girl, Im good, I was wondering if YOU wanted one.”  “Oh fuck yeah!” “Follow my friend, some people are doing a trivia thing in the front patio and they’re giving away tickets!” She whispered. I glued myself to her friend and learned so much from others that surrounded the red headed woman with the tickets. “When did Ghost release their three track demo?” “2010!” She blurted! We won. I was so grateful for my new found stranger friends that we exchanged facebooks and plan to hang out sometime, like most adults say they’ll do but never get around to.  I’m in, and didn’t have to pay a cent…The excitement rose within my body that quickly turned into anger when the news of only 200 tickets were sold to the public out of 500, turns out that the majority were reserved for celebrity V.I.P. who I didn’t even think showed up… oh well, I had a ticket and that’s all that mattered. Around 8, I ran into line and prayed to any dark forces that nothing will hiccup, like if they max capacity right when i get to the door or something. That wasn’t the case, but imagine if it was! Hahaha. I got inside, and waited…and waited… for what it seemed like days, when finally, I was rubber necking over the shoulders of this frat boys phone who was watching the band on instagram, streaming video of the limo that bad was in, being escorted by motorcycle nuns on t
heir way to the Roxy. Needless to say, it was epic upon their final arrival. Incense and Miserere Mei Deus (you might know the song from the viral video of tgat choir boy sucking helium) enveloped my senses, witnessing Ghost is truly a religious experience, The Roxy was not just a venue but a dark cathedral, filled to the brim with sweaty, writhing bodys, hoping to spill a strangers beer on them, to relieve them from the heat. And just when it became too much to bare, curtains slowly part and one by one, the Nameless Ghouls took to their instruments. The audience applauded, they know for damn sure that their suffering was well relieved when Cardinal Copia took stage. Much like being baptized, the wind from the applause soothed the body and soul. Ashes* Rats* Absolution Ritual Stand by him Circle Prime Mover Faith* From the Pinnacle to the Pit Dance Macabre And Square Hammer Was the setlist and the ones starred were the World premiere of those songs. This new album feels very 80s hair metal influenced and from what was shown at the performance, I know that we havent even seen the extent of what the Cardinal can bring to the table. Tobias was qouted saying that if he kept on bringing Pope after pope to Ghost, then the whole thing will grow tiresome and no one will enjoy it as much as he does anymore. Thus the introduction of Cardi C. Anywho… if you made it this far then congratulations! You win nothing. Goes to show you tolorate my horrendous grammer and boring adventure that took me to the first show of Ghosts tour. Now go zone out on Facebook like a normal human, you look weird reading a magazine.

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