GHOST: “Prequelle” Album Review by Mistress Layla Dethroe

Gothy ABBA? Or a Millennial KISS?? Trick question! Its both! Its Ghost! Forming in 06’ with one “most heavy metal riff that ever existed…”  Tobias Forge and Former Repugnant bandmate Gustaf Lindström, went into the studio to record Ghosts first three track demo, having being released in 2010 due to trying to find their signature “look”.  Forge remarked to Lindström, after finishing the demo: “this definitely does not sound like two dudes that look like you and I.” Thus, creating a theatrical, spooky Satanic Catholic appearance, paired up with their love for classic horror movies and traditional Scandinavian metal , Ghost was born! On March 12, 2010, Forge posted the first three Ghost songs on MySpace and within two days was contacted by records labels and managers wanting to work with the group.Since then, they  have won an award for Breakthrough Band of the year  at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards,  a Grammy in 2013 for Best Hard Rock Album of the year for their album Infestissumam, and have done countless of tours around the world with well-known bands, i.e. Otep, Iron Maiden, and Guns n Roses to name a few, in such a short amount of time in their careers .

 o   Ghost (formally Ghost B.C.)

o   Prequelle

o   Genre: Goth, Meal, Traditional Scandinavian heavy metal, Prog, Gregorian, Disco, 70’s rock.

My first initial impressions on the album was, “oh wow, this is different.” Unlike the rest of their short discography, when they would rely heavily on organs, that we come to associate with 70s rock, or disco; Tobias is creating more of a white snake or Dokken sound to this album, witch high pitched vocals and clean guitar solos, much like the new singer Cardnial Copia ,  this is refreshing and Im sure the fans appreciate the change of pace the band is headed. No one likes stale bands, let alone theatrical bands that do the same thing album to album.Ghost is n unique band to say the absolute least, of course being theatrical, there has to be some sense of anonymity within the characters, Tobias doesn’t want to break the magic when people come to see them. They are the Satanic equivalent to the Catholic Church, complete with a Pope front man, now recently a Cardinal.They have had four singers so far, Papa Emeritus the I, II, III and Cardinal Copia , all have been played by Tobias Forge with different faces.. isn’t that awesome? And a lot of people didn’t know this until some controversy came out about his former members suing him for money they never received. He didn’t pay up so they released his picture to the world. Ghost fans still think its pretty cool that he was behind all of those voices and personalities.Hes backed by at first monks in robes and masks, called Nameless Ghouls, they kept the name but ditched the whole monk get-up and dawn fitted black suits and silver demonic masks. They’ve recently included female Ghouls, called Ghoulettes, and Papa Nihil on Saxophone, where you can hear his chops on track #5 Miasma.The overall theme has to do more with death than Satan, Tobias  has been noted saying that the album is basically about the Black Plauge, tieing in with their tour name “A Pale Horse Named Death.”  I happen to enjoy this album ery much because t just brings me back to a day when I first picked up the satanic bible as a freshman in high school thinking that I was so edgy , while I teased my hair and walked around looking like a Poison reject.This is a well put together album, but within my personal opinion; its best to listen on vinyl, otherwise track 5 might seem a little …off…  listen to the whole album online first, and get to track5, sounds like an ending song, right? It is, on side A!!!!!  Then Side B starts, fresh with Dance Macabre!!!!Let’s talk about Dance Macabre, this is a Kiss sounding song! Something that you can really jam out to, in the back of a Hemmy or a Trans Am, in a denim jacket. I only like Kiss when Im stoned, but this is a fantastic piece of work that can be enjoyed with or without narcotics. But it would make it better… just sayin.Rats is their second song off the album after that gawd awful intro track of the children singing ring around the rosie… I mean I get it, the album is about the plague but really? Clichés are cliché.  Back to the song at hand, Rats is a great song to start the album with, it has drive and lets the listener get used to this new vocal rage from Tobias, the video gives Tobias as Cardi C , an adequate introduction into the fan base. I cant really say much else about this song and to be honest, Id rather have track 5 and 2 switch, but then the story wouldn’t really make sense if that was the case.All in all I give this album a 6 out of 10,  If youre going to get into ghost then I suggest listening to songs instead of albums.

 Laylas Top Ghost songs

  1. Square Hammer
  2. He is
  3. Dance Macabre
  4. Rats
  5. Zombie Queen
  6. Mummy Dust
  7. Ritual
  8. Cirice
  9. Pro Memoriea
  10. Year Zero
  11. Majesty
  12. From the Pinnacle to the Pit.

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