The attention is clearly getting to his head and he thinks much more of his “accomplishments” (appearing on TV and being taken advantage of as a political mouthpiece solely because he’s tied to a shooting) than he ought to. When speaking about being rejected from colleges he goes “I think a lot of amazing people people don’t get to college” citing the “things that I do.” Basically he’s telling us to not let his rejections distract from the fact he’s amazing. Furthermore, his response to Laura Ingraham’s criticism is ridiculous and childish. She claims he’s whining so he retaliates (like a child) by trying to hurt her financially. Maybe you don’t see how batshit outlandish that is, but imagine if you went after Redditors’ career/school whenever they say something mean to you. Like jeez, she said you were whining and you attack her job for it? That’s tame as fuck in face of a million other things you could choose to speak up against, but I guess when you’re only seeking to draw attention to yourself you get ass-tight over perceived defamation. And I’m sick of him and his sister using their age as an argumentative advantage when it’s not I.e. “How dare you criticize a HS student?” or “Coming from a 14 year old, you need to grow up.” So they think no one is allowed to contest or criticize them by virtue of them being immature shits that deserve criticism. Cute. Being so annoying makes me want to change my stance to anti-gun control. It’s amazing they don’t see that the only people they can convince like this are those that already agree with them.

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