To quote Harry Osborn, “My oh my, how the tables have turned.” Forgey’s back bitches. After a long absence, I’m returning to writing articles and making videos for Lost Anarchy Magazine. And what better way for me to return than in the light of my boldest prediction being proved right. I made a reputation for myself at Lost Anarchy for defending the Star Wars prequels, calling Revenge of the Sith the best film in the franchise and Attack of the Clones the 3rd best. That self-made reputation was largely negative. I’d often make the prediction that after the Lucas-free sequel trilogy, fans would beg for the return of George Lucas to take the reins back on this franchise. And with The Last Jedi getting undeniably the worst audience reception of any Star Wars film to date (The film has the worst audience rating of any Star Wars film on Rotten Tomatoes with 47%, with multiple fan videos proving the actual score may be even lower) and with Kathleen Kennedy and LucasFilm in panic mode, I can’t help but smile and stifle a laugh at every hater who called me a “fucking idiot” and a “fanboy” for defending the prequels. And all those people who doubted my predictions are probably biting their nails waiting for an absolutely righteous evisceration of The Last Jedi from yours truly. And believe me, I can’t BEGIN to tell you how much I’ve been thinking about this day. And now it’s hear…And I can’t in good conscience say it’s a bad movie. Oh, it’s absolutely worse than the prequels. And when perpetually 13 year old fuckwits like Alex of I Hate Everything put out aggressively un-self aware, 20 minute tantrums about how “unfair” the meanie meanie poop heads who don’t like their favorite Star Wars movie are being, I don’t know whether to laugh my ass off or hold my head in 2nd hand embarrassment. Especially given The Last Jedi suffers every single solitary problem Minions Boy has accused Revenge of the Sith of having, valid or not, and he had no problem attacking fans of that film. The Last Jedi has significant script problems, an overstuffed plot and character motivations that don’t always stay consistent or even make sense and there are some times where the film is just plain stupid with a capital “R.” That being said, the relationships between characters are actually written quite well and most of the filmmaking is incredibly impressive. The editing and camerawork are interesting, the visuals are gorgeous, the film is thematically rich and the acting is mostly solid. None of those things make it better than the prequels or Empire (Whose strengths I’ve already gone over numerous times), but this is an undeniably ambitious film. Rian Johnson has created some interesting, if not fully realized or developed, characters. On top of that, the film is also aiming to create a much more nuanced and three-dimensional analysis of fascism and dictatorship than the originals did, as well as fix problems that people had with the mythology of the prequels. And in an age where terrible films like Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Mummy see my favorite franchises as nothing more than a brand to sell corporate and soulless products, I would rather see a film try and fail than fail to try. The biggest problem with The Force Awakens is Kylo Ren. I confess that as much I enjoyed The Last Jedi, I can’t help but find satisfaction at the mental gymnastics I Hate Everything and his clones have to perform in order to justify Kylo’s motivations while slamming Anakin’s. Anakin turns to the Dark Side to save a loved one, the only person who keeps him sane, and out of horror at a system that mistreated, condescended, manipulated and abused him his whole life. Kylo switches his personality from a fascist, dictatorial Sith who wants order and control in the first act to a nihilist Force Hipster who wants to rebuild society and abolish order in the 2nd. These two ideologies couldn’t be more contradictory and make Kylo appear more shallow rather than more complex. He’s every dark, angsty bad boy character in every CW show ever made when he could be so much more. It’s a shame and one of the film’s weaker elements. Daisy Ridley also appears off. She’s not terrible, but she doesn’t have a lot of screen presence. I can’t remember any scenes of her acting that really impressed me. Hayden Christensen, love him or hate him, left an impression in many scenes in Episodes II and III. His massacre of the Sand People, his subsequent mental breakdown, the ruminations scene in Sith…Ridley lacks that “OOMF” factor and I don’t think she has the personality for this role. The film also suffers from an abundance of scenes that probably sounded great on paper, but fall flat in execution. Exploring how fascism affects the lower class in more ways than just blowing up planets? Showing Leia’s force abilities? Yoda’s return? In theory, all are genius ideas. In practice, we get Rose and Finn riding bunny horses through a casino (Kind of odd to have such a toyish scene in a film that’s condemning capitalism), Mary Poppins Leia surviving the vacuum of space and the worst puppet model I’ve seen in years. With all that being said though…I still can’t call this a bad film. I still find Kylo and Rey’s relationship fascinating in how Kylo’s so blatantly irredeemable and yet Rey is still convincing herself otherwise out of attraction. I think that Kylo’s blatantly abusive behavior and language being his sick way of being romantic is one of the few strong character moments from him. I think that Rose is a delightfully charming and energetic avatar for the fans, I love how wide eyed and excited she is about the world around her. The throne room scene was one of my favorite moments of last year. I even like the idea of a fallible and breakable Luke Skywalker. I’m sorry. I know this must be disappointing to some of my fans, but I really love this film. Warts and all. And I have to come to the conclusion that, at the end of the day, there really aren’t any bad Star Wars films to date. I’m not delusional enough to think we’ll never get a bad Star Wars film. By the looks of its fan film-esque trailer and hysterical production issues, Solo: A Star Wars Story could very well be the first one yet. However, until we get a truly terrible film, I choose to wholly appreciate the Saga as it is for now; from its outstanding masterpieces to its underwhelming missed opportunities, I can’t say there’s a Star Wars film I view as an absolute failure. Every time I go to a theater, I always find myself wondering “Will this be the bad one?” I’m glad to say that I’m still waiting. My message to fans has changed. I’ve matured as a person since my beginnings at Lost Anarchy, and so indeed has my mantra; let go of your hate. Even a messy Star Wars film is better than most crap on the market. Even a deeply flawed Star Wars film is better than a Justice League or a Spider-Man: Homecoming. There will come a time when the strength of this franchise fails. But that time is not today. And I choose to appreciate what we have and be happy until I no longer can be. I hope you can do the same. I understand if you can’t.

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