Dan Crenshaw of Garden of Eden Interview

What is garden of eden?

DC:  Garden Of Eden Was Established In Portland,Oregon 1992 And Done Over 128 National Opening Spots For nATIONAL aCTS sUCH aS Quiet-riot Queensryche Ac/dc Gilby Clarke La-Guns Dokken Blue Oyster Cult,,To Long Of List lol,,Also Done 3 World Tours And 4 U.s. Tours,,Also Won 2 Times Champion Blazing Guitar Winner,,Won Los angelas Music Awards I Have 6 Awards From Metal Band Of The Year To National Touring Artist Of The Year.

Who are your influences?

DC: My Influened Guitar Hero’s Are Randy Rhoads George Lynch Eddie Van Halen.

Are you going to NAMM?

DC: This is my 13th year at namm this year so love namm look forward every year to meet up chat lunch with my rockstar buddies.

What are you doing during NAMM?

DC: This year i will be playing various places at namm from garden odf eden playing and opening huge shows to being guest guitarist in star surrouned bands.

Do you got any stories about NAMM?

DC: My best story is meeting chris slade drummer from ac’dc 7 years ago and he asked me to sing for his new solo band in which we rehersed played a couplke shows then he went back to ac/dc love that guy though we are great friends to this day.

Who the hell is mrs valdez?

DC: mrs valdez. hell if i no is she cute lmfao

Do you have any plans for the future?

DC: Garden Of Eden Is The Northwest Go To Band For 80’s Metal If You Need Great Band To Open For Ya Its Us As We oNLY dO nATIONAL Openers AreWe Headline Or Own Shows Think I’ve Paid My Dues In Music.

Do you got any last words for your fans?

DC: Without Our Fans We Are Nothing We Always Go Out After Show Talk To Fans And Never Charge A Penny I Dont Beieve Fans Should Have To Pay To Meet Their Idols In Music World We Just Finished A Busy Summer With Touring With Bands Such As ‘Loudness,Faster-Pussycat BuckCherry Puddle Of Mudd Dokken Lynch-mob Bullet-Boyz,,Warrent La-Guns-etc,,We Always Stay Busy I Thank You All From The Bottom Of My Heart For Supporting Garden Of Eden Over The Years WeAlso Have Garden Of Eden Brick Engraved At The Rainbow As Mario Was A Great Friend Of Mine And Supported Garden Of Eden Over The Years,,Mario Was The Rainbow Miss Him R.i.p. I Also Was The Presenter At ThE lOS aNGELAS mUSIC aWARDS tO pRESENT lIVE tO mARIO aT aWARDS sHOW hIS aWARD fOR ”bEST nONE cLUB aND oUTSTANDING bUSINESS oF tHE lAST 40 yEARS ” The Rainbow,,Again Thank You All,,,Dan Crenshaw ”Garden Of Eden.

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