Corey Feldman and his Angels @ the Whisky A Go Go

Corey Feldman has a knack at making headlines these days. The 1980s child star, who once spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about a pedophilia ring in Hollywood, went viral last month with an out-there and mercilessly mocked performance of his single “Go 4 It” on Today, backed by an all-female band wearing furry halos and angel wings.

“I like helping them,” he said of Corey’s Angels, a showbusiness venture he created “to help girls who were kind of lost and needed help to find their way.” Feldman returned to Today this week on a one-stop redemption tour. (Missing, however, was Billy Bush, currently on his way out from the morning show in the wake of the Access Hollywood video-leak scandal that has sent Donald Trump’s presidential campaign into a tailspin.)

This time around, Feldman finds himself catching flak for having dropped an American flag on the ground while singing his follow-up single, “Take a Stand.” The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Feldman ahead of his encore performance to learn a little bit more about Corey’s Angels.

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