Channel Awesome Controversy And The JewWario Thing


“I tried to think of the most harmless thing. Something I loved from my childhood. Something that could never ever possibly destroy us.”
–Ray Stanz, “Ghostbusters”


The response contained screenshots from a chat log addressing one of the content providers/producers who was let go from Channel Awesome some years ago for alleged sexual misconduct of some type. CA reproduced the chat log in particular reference to the following accusation in the “Not So Awesome Document”: “The following story is from an anonymous contributor we are calling “Jane Doe,” recounting the story of a former producer who had sexually abused her, and claims that management was aware of said producer’s deviancy for over a year and did nothing.” Jane Doe claimed to have been 18 years old when this producer, in her words, “sexually groomed” her—sort of, from what I’m gathering from all this, creepily manipulated her:


Now, a number of people objected to Jane Doe’s story on the grounds that it wasn’t “truly” about sexual assault or anything like that. That she was a legal adult at the time, and nothing really “wrong” happened here. But I think Jane Doe’s story, when placed within the context of what we will soon learn (thanks to the infinite wisdom that is Channel Awesome management), does hold some significance. That said, there were numerous people who skimmed the document or heard about it from a friend of a friend of a friend on Twitter who incorrectly claimed that Doe’s story was a reference to rape and/or pedophilia. As far as I can tell: it was not. nd so here we come to the part in the story where gasoline was poured onto already burning gasoline. Channel Awesome management, in their infinite wisdom, produced chat logs that referenced a DIFFERENT incident of alleged sexual misconduct on the part of the unnamed producer…this one (we will soon discover) apparently involving a claim of sexual assault. Not “grooming” an 18-year-old. But straight-up assault. And CA, in their infinite wisdom, left enough of the first letter of the person’s first name still visible in the chat log so that, when corresponded with the date (also of course visible in the chat log), it became rather easy to figure out who this person was. And this was a video game reviewer called Justin Carmical—“JewWario.” Known as the “Mr. Rogers” of the Channel Awesome set, Justin was considered one of the most popular, well-respected, and nicest of this community of video producers.

Justin, made by a fan

Justin unfortunately committed suicide in 2014 by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He had been let go by Channel Awesome a year before that for undisclosed reasons. Many, many videos and online tributes were made to him in the wake of his suicide. He was, up to his departure from CA, considered an essential part of that community.

Once Justin’s name was linked to this story via Internet Sleuths™, and the requisite Reddit thread was formed, a woman claiming to be the victim of this producer—the woman referenced in the chat log, but not the “Not So Awesome Document”—anonymously came forward with a very disturbing story.

It starts as follows:

I’m the woman that is being talked about in that chat log. I am not Jane Doe from the google doc….that’s another person that he did this to, I know her and she didn’t come forward for the same reason I didn’t. We were, and still are, absolutely terrified of backlash. I understand that without more information, you can’t prove that I’m just a nobody making shit up, but I’m not. I was told about this as early as last night, and after 5 years of being forced into silence, I cannot tell you how I’m feeling. People know now, they actually believe us now.

And she goes on to accuse Justin of sexual assault:

Seeing his photo makes me sick. I hate that he killed himself, even with all of this, I never ever would be okay with that, it’s a terrible thing that happened, and I wish he never did that, but I cannot be okay with the sexual assault that happened to me when I repeatedly said NO, and he waited until I passed out.

Now, Channel Awesome former HR person Holly hears about this thread and tweets confirmation that this anonymous woman was the female being referenced in the published chat logs:


giphy-4.gif As of this writing, at least according to one former Channel Awesome producer, efforts have been apparently been made on the part of fans to “out” the victims and harass them…HERE’S WHAT OUR FEARLESS LEADER HAD TO SAY ABOUT IT:




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