CAPTAIN ANARCHY’S HOLLYWOOD MEMOIRS: the Nottingham Festival (simi valley)

With many thanks to Sire Rick Damigella, the new press-friendly Director of Communications for The Nottingham Festival, I didst venture forth to yon fest this weekend past… masked and ‘guised as The Gentleman Highwayman Markus McHungwell (aka “Captain Anarchy”), along with me equally ‘guised partner in crime and minstrel mate Jon Eric “Sweet E” Becica (of our medieval metal band Devil’s Alley), and hence we reveled merrily at this ever-growing year-end renaissance era festival and Elizabethan marketplace.This be a relatively new, enthusiastically growing, two-weekend run Faire that ‘tis being very well received by ye Simi Valley community, and that also be gratefully very affordable by comparison to some others as well. And as promised last year by one of the main proprietors of the event, this year’s Faire ‘tis indeed also at least twice the size of what ‘twas already a fairly sizeable spread to begin with!This wondrous outdoor event imagines a village market festival in the historic period of England during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. And here amongst it’s grandeur and pageantry we didst encounter many familiar booths and their proprietors and crew, such as “Pendragon Costumes” (awesome “period” clothing and yon best “period” leather jackets ever), “Daylight Artworks” (yon ultimate “bone pins” originator), “Amsbury’s Heart & Skull” (yon most sea-worthy pirate wares) “Creative Fairy Memories” (yon most adorable arts & crafts booth), and several more from other notable Faires……as well as a plethora of other renaissance themed vendors whose fantastic, well-crafted and unique arts and handicrafts representing the era we hath actually not happened to have seen at other Faires per say, thus making for a fine day of crafts, clothing and jewelry shopping.We didst also encounter and party most heartily with some familiar mates as well, such as Captain Dagger, Lyssa “Lady Cambria” Wright and Her Lovely Faire Virgin Friend, our artist vendor friends Pat & Sam and many more, hence naturally (over?) indulging ourselves in many different types of food of the era, and even more so in the drink of the period such as Harp Lager, Bass Ale, and some very delicious cider, mead and chocolate port type of combo concoctions… which were quite affordable compared to some other Faires, much more so than modern pubs, and all of which had us simply reeling ~ Huzzah !And along the way we didst also make many new acquaintances as well, most notably that of the magnanimous Sire Greg Hopla of “Swords & Shields Inc.” joust performance troupe and world’s only mass-producer of titanium weapons, and whom is also most importantly known as “The Deutschland Knight Gregorio” ~ the driving force behind the very famous “World Tournament Of Champions: Knights of the Realm” joust performance troupe as well, whose exploits are legendary… and whose grand jousting troupe we can only hope will be featured at this Faire someday soon……Then all the while, as we didst meander and frolic along the roads that were lined with people dressed in “period” attire, we were serenaded by traditional folk music of the era played on historic classical acoustic instruments in the background… thus driving us onward as we caught glimpses of renaissance era games and displays and acts by acrobats, jugglers, knife throwers and much more.And we didst even pause here and there to witness some Shakespearean plays and theater style performances portraying historical figures like William Shakespeare (played by the uncanny Dan McCann), Sir Francis Drake and even Queen Elizabeth herself… all abounding with their own unique humor and twists ! Theater revelry… complete with dance, bagpipes and Celtic drums ~ Huzzah!So I must say that this opening weekend ‘twas indeed most glorious and filled with much revelry, and hence I whilst be returning again for this coming final weekend for sure, along with me cohort Lady Mylissa Graves (of The L.B. Metal ‘Zine). So look for us and come say “good day” and share a drink and take a picture, as we whilst specifically be there in person on This Sunday, Nov. 15th… and with any luck I whilst be ‘guised in the debut of my new Woodland Elven Archer costume!And be sure to check back here next week for me follow up review with final thoughts and comments and even more pictures, some of which ye might even be in if thou doth attend…

Cheers Mateys, Captain Anarchy.

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