Blade Runner 2049 Spoilers

In 2049, bioengineered humans called replicants have been integrated into society, though still face discrimination from humans. K, a newer model created to obey, works as a “blade runner” for the LAPD, hunting down and “retiring” rogue older model replicants. K lives with his holographic companion Joi, who often accompanies him in their apartment via portable projector.K’s investigation into an elusive replicant freedom movement leads him to a farm, where he retires rogue replicant Sapper Morton. K notices a flower in front of a tree and finds a buried box with human remains inside. Forensic analysis reveals they are of a female who died as the result of complications from an emergency caesarian sectionand a serial number that identifies her as a replicant. K finds this unsettling as pregnancy in replicants was originally thought to be impossible.K is ordered to destroy all evidence related to the case and to destroy the child by his superior, Lieutenant Joshi, who believes the knowledge that replicants are able to reproduce to be dangerous. K visits the headquarters of replicant manufacturer Niander Wallace who identifies the body as Rachael. In the process, he learns of her illicit affair with former blade runner Rick Deckard, who has disappeared. Believing that reproduction in replicants can bolster his production, but unable to give them this ability himself, Wallace sends his replicant enforcer Luv to steal Rachael’s remains from LAPD headquarters and follow K to find Rachael’s child.Returning to Morton’s farm, K finds a hidden date that matches a childhood memory about hiding a toy horse. K later finds the toy horse at an orphanage, suggesting that his memories—which he thought were implants—are real. While searching birth records for that year, he discovers an anomaly: “twins” were born on that day with identical DNA except for the sex chromosome; only the boy is listed as alive. K seeks out the isolated memory designer Dr. Ana Stelline who informs him that it is illegal to program replicants with humans’ real memories, leading K to believe he might be Rachael’s son. After failing a test of his replicant behavior, K is suspended by Joshi, but he explains that he completed his mission in killing the child.Undeterred, K has the toy horse analyzed and finds traces of radiation that lead him to the ruins of Las Vegas, where he finds Deckard. Meanwhile, Luv confronts and kills Joshi after threatening her to disclose K’s location. Deckard reveals that he scrambled records to cover his tracks and was forced to leave a pregnant Rachael with the replicant freedom movement to protect her. Luv and her men attack and kidnap Deckard, destroying Joi along with her projector and leaving a badly injured K for dead. K is later rescued by the replicant freedom movement and told by their leader, Freysa, that Rachael’s child is actually a girl. Freysa urges a disappointed K to prevent Wallace from uncovering the secrets of replicant reproduction by any means necessary, including killing Deckard.In Los Angeles, Deckard is brought before Wallace, who suggests Rachael’s feelings for him were engineered by her creator, Dr. Eldon Tyrell to test the possibility of a replicant becoming pregnant. Deckard refuses to help Wallace, even when promised a replicant recreation of Rachael. Wallace instructs Luv to escort Deckard to one of his off-world outposts to be tortured for information. K intercepts Luv’s spinner car and forces it to crash before fighting and killing Luv. He then fakes Deckard’s death to protect him from both Wallace and the replicants, and leads Deckard to Stelline’s office. K encourages Deckard to meet his daughter and laments that all the best memories are hers. Deckard cautiously enters the office and approaches Stelline, while K, severely wounded, lies down on the steps and stares up at the falling snow.

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