THAT’S RIGHT, BITCHES…we’ve been gone for a while (saying our fearless leader quit drinking), but that doesn’t mean we’s finished…GET TO THE POINT…we’re working on the new issue of Lost Anarchy Magazine now and giving you all a change to be apart of it…HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO DO:AD RATES RANGE BETWEEN $100-500, BUT ALWAYS NEGOTIABLE (deadline is monday, july 10th, 2017).THAT’S RIGHT! Our distribution is 10k and will be passed out at both San Diego Comic Con and Stan Lee’s Comikaze,(as well as the world famous sunset strip and other places). Our next issue is our DEATH AND COMEDY 2017 issue. It features our celebration of fallen comrades and celebrities (as well as our usual pop, sub, and counter culture coverage) and is an issue not to miss. Hit up our fearless leader Mojo El Diablo or on facebook and start advertising RELEASE DATE: Monday, July 17th, 2017 (deadline: monday july 10)…and yes…WE ALSO HAVE A PATREON!



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