Another 30 Days of being suspended on Facebook?

Danny Christ is suspended for month again, cuz someone’s a fucking narc..AND SO…that’s right, I am suspended on Facebook. Take a wild guess which post it was:

A: FUCK YOU WHITE BITCHES (it’s your fault it’s illegal to beat your kids) #whymillenialsarelittleshits

B: NEW RULE: the next time someone praises Donald J. Trump you have the right to jack their shit…IF THAT ORANGE FUCKTARD IS GONNA CAUSE THE EXTINCTION OF THE MIDDLE CLASS BY MAKING THE RICH RICHER AND THE POOR SO POOR AND IN DEBT TO THE RICH THAT THEY’RE LITERALLY SLAVE LABOR (similar to what’s going on in third world countries) THEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO JACK THOSE SISTER FUCKERS…i know i’m being a liberal loony, but it might be happening to me and i am preparing for it #bullmooseparty (please place your flames and trolling below, i am going back to work)

C: You know why Clash of the Titans (2010) sucked ass…IT CHANGED THE SOURCE MATERIAL TO GIVE IT A JESUS VS SATAN THEME…come on, you even cast Liam Neeson as Zeus and Ralph Fiennes aka Voldemort as Hades…LAME!

D: I know I sound racist, but…WHY DO BLACK PEOPLE GET TATTOOS #skywritingatnight

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