A Tequila Xmas
It’s been an exciting month here at the Punk Museum. We had a Punk Museum installation at the Pacific Design Center. Kinda like seeing Slipknot with your mom but I got to show the No magazine photo collection by Bruce Kalberg for the Hollywood Film Festival. 
We will be showing the movie Scumbag at Beyond Baroque on the 22nd of December. It has stars like Princess Frank, Debra Heydan, Don Bolles, Ron Jeremy, Kid Congo Power’s and more. I’m going to see the real Russian Princesses Pussy Riot tonight. Thank Putin for blowing.ot and sending them to us We love um.
Artie Vegas has died I just had his wake at Universal Bar and Grill. Norwood from Fishbone, Tommy Chiffon band, Sonic Utopia my band. TequilaBilly and the Artie Vegas review played with Willie Chambers of Chambers Brothers and more It was sad but I know Artie would have liked.it
Liam Firmager is the director of the new Suzi Quatro movie. We shot Henry Winkler of Happy Days, He played the Fonz. Norwood from Fishbone, Clem Burke Burke from Blondie, Abbie Travis of Elastica, Rodney Bingenhiemer, and more. I adore Suzi Quatro. She was my first girl Bass Hero. Can the can man and 48 Crash check her out she’s still rocking Europe. She’s a Detroit gal.
I will be singing with Jaime Hodes on Wednesdays at the Rainbow. Rock with us @ well see you all at Oki Dog. Oh and watch Tequila TV on West Hollywood Public Access daily or watch up on utube with Tequila and A2HD and check out www.lapunkmuseum and enjoy the 80s all over again!
I would say that Pussy Riot was the best show I saw this year but that would be an understatement. They renewed my faith by politically calling out the bad guys. They sock it to Putin and Trump . The have us Russian Gangster rap written by real Russian Gangsters. NADIA sang a song called I’m in jail agaIn and she ain’t lying. These girls been there and done that. The music made us all dance and the truth of the lyrics ripped open that empty hole in our collective soul. Vagina was the the word of the night and there cunts made thier chitty chitty bang bang. REAL SEX REAL MUSIC REAL POLITICS .I WORSHIP AT THE PUSSY RIOT BRAND BRAND NEXT THE FUTURE OF REAL PUNK. They ain’t lying. The show was short and sweet but full of real truth and revolutionary zeal.

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