While in Vegas on Memorial Day weekend for Guns N’ Roses I stood next to a Joker and Harley Quinn on Fremont Street who creeped me the fuck out. I commented on how they looked like evil killers who would probably kill you for a dollar (especially the girl). A few weeks later I saw them on the news, they were Jered and Amanda Miller. They killed 2 LVPD officers at a Chi Chi’s Peyya. They then went into a Walmart, killed a random man before Amanda killed Jered and herself. I am so glad they didn’t shoot up Fremont Street and that I stayed away from them and was not surprised to see them on the news for killing.

A Hollywood institution since 1950, the Powerhouse on Highland (north of Hollywood blvd) finally closed its doors for the last time. The final nights bringing in long lines over an hour wait to get in for one last drink. Gone are the days you can grab $3 PBR, shoot some darts, while listening to an analog jukebox, or smoke out back in the alley w/ the locals, tourists, and street performers. I spent half of my life going to the Powerhouse. I made some good friends and enemies along the way. The place is being gutted and remodeled and will no longer serve cheap drinks. It’s going to be more upscale. No word on it’s new name.

Do not fear, PBR fans. Around the corner on Las Palmas next to the Hotel from Pretty Woman is Whiskey Blu. A new rock n roll bar has opened. Beers start at $2 for PBR, whiskey shots start at $5. Whiskey Blue is very spacious and has 3 separate indoor areas. One that has a stage and free live entertainment nightly.  Whiskey Blu is managed and booked by Kristal, the former booking agent from Boardners. Kristal knows a lot of good talented musicians  and has a lot of good shows lined up. Like their faceebook page: for more details on upcoming lineups. Tuesday night is open mic night that’s hosted by Dawg (formerly of green jello). Check out his website: They also have an outdoor Smoking Patio.

In July Motley Crue rolled into the Hollywood Bowl for the final tour w/ special guest Alice Cooper. The sound was very crisp and clear. Cooper was fantastic and gave his visual stage show. Crue’s sound was a bit too distorted and vocals were not clear. Many times the band sounded very off beat. There was no roller coaster for Tommy Lee, because the roof of the Hollywood Bowl couldn’t support the rig. Great stories of Crue’s early days were shared. Very emotional night for Crue’s final night at the Bowl for Crue’s final “HOME SWEET HOME”.  Tommy Lee will be on tour next playing drums for 311.

In August I went returned again at the Hollywood Bowl for Nine Inch Nails aka NIN. I have always been a huge fan of NIN and was very excited to finally get to see them. The sound was perfect, crisp, clear and distorted. I heard every NIN song I wanted to hear or their catalog during the 2 hour set.

Labor Day weekend Budweiser presented the Made in America Festival at Grand Park in downtown LA in front of city hall. The only band I was interested in seeing on Day 1 as the Imagine Dragons I missed them. Day 2 had Cypress Hill early in the day w/ triple digit heat so I had to pass. B-Real marry me. Just kidding. I arrived just after sun began cooling down. 35,000 people filled the festival grounds. A large portion of the area off the side of the main stage was a huge unfinished dirt for dirt for refreshments stands were sold out of almost everything w/ 4 acts still to go. Even after adding more port a pottys over night, lines were still long and the location on the ground was inconvenient. Half of the food trucks were sold out by time I got there. Waits were 40-50 deep w/ hour long waits. The Kogi BBQ truck had line of 60-70 people.

Alkaline Trio was the first band that I caught. I had never seen the band before and was not a fan, although they were very powerful and energetic. I first could not get into how many times that Alkaline Trio said, “WHOA, WHOA” in their songs.

Next was John Mayer. I did not like his set at all. Most of his set was too country and bluesey twang for my LA girl style. Mayer scolded some fans for climbing on top of the lighting box to get a better view. Mayer told them he was not on stage playing so they can climb on top of a bus bench. Like the times I have seen Mayer around West Hollywood he was dressed bummy in a t-shirt looking greasy and dirty.

During Mayer’s set I ran into a man carrying a girl obviously having a drug overdose. She was white , clammy, convulsing, and barely breathing. I didn’t feel that it looked good for her. Even though this occurred near all the food trucks, there were no events staff, security, no police officers or even any medics in sight to get help from.

Local Angelino Steve Aoki  performed next, entering the stage is an obvious nod to the Illuminati in a white button up shirt covered in pyramids w/ eyeballs in the middle of them and in a kilt w/ a Baphomet prominently featured on it. Most of Aoki’s songs glorified drug use and he threw cakes on the crowd like was usually close w/ the audience blissfully unaware he was mocking them just like Marie Antoinette mocking her lower class she said, “LET THEM EAT CAKE”.

Machine Gun Kelly performed a song w/ Aoki and then introduced Mayor Eric Garcetti as the fucking mayor after a quick photo op of the fucking mayor bomb kept dropping and Garcetti rushed off of the stage I figured Garcetti didn’t want controversy after he dropped the f-bomb at the LA Kings victory rally over the summer I attend the LA King victory parade. The Standley Cup looks so much bigger in person. The LA Kings victory parade was more staffed than the Budweiser Made in America Fest.

After Aoki’s set was Kanye West aka the Gay Fish turned Hobbit Fucker (or as Mark Dice likes to call him Kanye Pest) closed out night 2. West’s set opened w/ the song “BLACK SLAVES” (the introduction was very heavy metal sounding guitars and screens showed red firey smoke and reminded me of hell fire).West’s entered the stage wearing a metallic mask the first few songs before dramatically taking it off. A few songs later he left and reappeared wearing the mask. He appeared evil and demonic on the screens and mysteriously his photos would not upload for the magazine. West spent most of his time on stage literally ranting and saying not to fuck w/ his clique. Many in the audience can be heard saying “SHUT THE FUCK UP KANYE AND JUST RAP”.

With no more water available and times of West rants I left 30 minutes before the festival ended. Grand Park could be an excellent venue to hold an outdoor festival this one as too rushed and poorly planned and lacked the amenities like medics, enough bathrooms, security,  food, and most importantly “WATER!” The Made in America Fest was the most overly satanic and drug glorifying thing I have ever been to.

And there you have it. Be here next time where I cover the Sunset Strip Music Festival and Yes, they won’t amenities problems like Grand Park made. Until next time my friends.

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