An Interview with Spadra

We’s here w/ Frieze Spadra and here is what he has to say…HOW ARE YOU?

FS:  In a good place, coming off haitus and writing fresh material that feels like a leap in the evolution of Spadra.

How long you been around in the scene?

FS: Longer than it’s cool to be, unless you are actually a vampire. I suspect there’s a reason Ghost wears masks, I’m having mine fitted.

Who are your influences:

FS: Black Sabbath, Dead Can Dance, Depeche Mode. If I had to simplify it by decade -70s,80s,90s The best ones. Guitarwise I’m inspired by piano, sitar and other stringed instruments.

CB: Slayer, Metallica, Type O’ Negative

Who are you and what do you do?

FS: My Clark Kent identity? I’m an artist in the Toy industry. Who is Frieze Spadra the man? He is pro-drug, anti-family and running for office in a town near you.

CB: A part time worker, doing some music business stuff.

What makes you tick?

FS: Creating. Deeper than that, Communiting by creating a mood that’s inexpressible by words, something that’s a higher form of communication. The simple joy of creating and sharing music that you are proud to share.

Who the Hell is Mrs Valdez? 

FS: She is the Satanic, Sultry, Pale Siren of (RetFonStruct)- now -Cathartes Aura. We played together during their tour of Denizens of the Depths.

Is there anything new in the works?

FS: I’m brewing up new Middle Eastern Devil guitar riffs. Oh and our new single BELOW ZERO is coming out and this marks the first of our 5 song EP coming soon.

How would you describe yourself?

FS: I’m tall, hot, blonde, ready and waiting for your credit card number mmm.

CB: A solitary kinda man who likes silence, beer, and watching TV at the end of the day.

Any last words

FS: Imagine a sexy, exotic snake-like guitar riff, seductive and hypnotic like a belly dancer. I wrote that riff and it’s part of the work I can’t wait to share on the 5 song EP.

CB: Support original artists, and not cover bar/bands.

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