30th Anniversary of Robocop by Janitor Jake

Whats up everyone, Janitor Jake here. Now see, 30 years ago, back on good ol’ June 1st, 1987, we were introduced to the human turned cyborg, Robocop. His first appearance was in book form, however, on July 17th, 1987, that was when the actual film of Robocop was released and thats how most people were introduced to the character.  The basic plot of the film revolves around a Detroit city police officer by the name of Alex Murphy, who works for the Detroit police department, which is tremendously underfunded. Now because the police dept. is so poor, the mayor allows a corporation known as omni Consumer Products (OCP) to take control and ownership of the police department. OCP introduces a droid to the police dept. known as ED-209, however, it malfunctions and kills an employee, which then, another employee named Bob Morton uses that opportunity to introduce his own robotic, cyborg design called Robocop, which becomes approved. So when Alex Murphy is out on his first partol and gets gunned down and brutally killed, he is brought in for the Robocop program, where he is ultimatly turned into the cyborg known as Robocop, who goes around and begins to clean up the crime ridden streets of Detroit.

Now Robocop is actually a pretty decent sized franchise, spawning 2 more films that make up the original trilogy, and a remake, which was released in 2014. Now not only was Robocop in movies, but he was also in 2 different animated series and 2 different television series, which actually never really lasted very long. And no only was he blasting his way through movies and television, but he was also kicking some hind end in the video gaming world as well. Robocop 1,2, and 3 appeared on the Nintendo Entertainment System and other 8 bit consolses while number 3 also appeard on the Super Nintendo and other 16 bit consoles. Robocop vs The Terminator appeard on the 16 bit consoles like the Sega Genesis and Super Nintedno, while the final game, which came out in 2003 called Robocop was released for systems like the Playstation 2, original Xbox, Gamecube, Gameboy Color, and PC. And if you still can’t get enough Robocop, he also appeared in comic books as well, with the 2 main publishers being Marvel and Dark horse. Once again, just like the tv series and animated series, there really were not many issues of the comic series. With the release of all the new Marvel and DC stuff going on now days, it would be awesome if Marvel was able to do something amazing with Robocop and bring him into the cinematic universe to fight along side the Avengers or something, but of course, the liscensing for that would be a pain in the butt im sure. So to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Robocop, I suggest getting tons and tons of food and drinks and go lock yourself away with all the movies, tv shows, games and comic books and start hardcore bingeing on the awesome franchise that is, Robocop!!!

And of course, with something that’s good, you always have a thing or 2 negative about it. The first Robocop film was awesome, with its dark atmosphere and its really brutal and bloody effects, however in future sequals and the television shows, they really scaled back the brutality to appeal to a younger audience, which a lot of people complained about. By targeting the younger audience, they were basiclly alienatig the older, teenager audience. The problem with that, is most of the time, the younger audience will follow what the older audience thinks is cool. So if the older audience doesn’t think its cool, then the younger audience will usually not find it cool as well. Of course, depending on what the show or movie is about. And then of course, you got the remake, which a lot of people didn’t seem to enjoy as much as the original, which is usually the case with remakes.

Me personlly, I wish people would stop making remakes, and just make sequals with as much of the original cast as they can find. And if it is an older film where most of the cast is way to old or have passed away, then I would suggest they make something like a tv series, like they do with Arrow, The Flash and Gotham. To me, thats basically fantasy land, but it would work out great. With a Robocop series on tv that has a dark atmosphere to it, they could start with the origin of Robocop and not be limited by the stereotypical 1 and a half to 3 hours leangth of a film. They could do so much with the stories and start incorporating stories from the comic books and stories from the animated shows and the older non animated shows. If they did something like that, I would totally think that was awesome. Like I mentioned earlier, with all the marvel and DC stuff they have going on, I think that having a Robocop series would be amazing and would totally work.


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