The character Admiral Holdo was Disney Star Wars pandered to Rotten Tomatoes senior editor Grae Drake. Come on, they both have purple or pink hair, they’re both obviously lesbians, they’re both smug, and you get the idea.THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN17-year-old Veronica Sawyer is friends with the Heathers, a group of very popular students at Westerburg High. While at a party, Veronica calls Heather Chandler a “fatty” during a fit of rage. An angry Heather promises to ruin Veronica’s social life the next day at school. Later that evening Veronica meets up with JD, who is new at her school. JD decides to help Veronica. The pair break into Heather Chandler’s room and plan to take a picture of her wearing a Nazi hat, so they can post it on Heather’s social media. However, Heather wakes up before they have a chance to post the picture and quickly figures out what is going on. JD tricks Heather into swallowing a pill which he tells Veronica will induce vomiting. The pill, however, seemingly kills Heather. Veronica and JD quickly post a fake suicide message on Heather’s social media and flee the scene. The next morning Heather’s suicide note has gone viral. A flashback to earlier that morning, however, reveals that Heather Chandler survived and is still alive….IT’S COMPLETE SHIT, BUT WHATEVER!


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