Erase Negate Delete

EraseNegateDelete is a vehicle of negative catharsis, an aural exorcism of inner demons, formed in 2005 by Ralph Love (aka artist and lead singer of The Order of the Fly Ralphie Repulsive) and Jason (aka J’Syn Thetic also of The Order) as a way to unapologetically evoke the electronic synth-heavy sound of early 80’s new wave and industrial music, while marrying it to a dark, sincere, despair-drenched lyrical style. After adding drummer Danny Disaster to the mix, they set out to begin working on their debut full length cd, tentatively titled “Just Like This”, due out late 2007.
As of 2010 Danny Disaster and Jason are no longer in EraseNegateDelete they were replaced by Jon Bohn on drums, №1138 on guitar, and Abby Noxious on Keyboards and Vocals. And still a theatric, horror-infused DIY Industrial/Punk hybrid for fans of Skinny Puppy, Rob Zombie, the Misfits, Nine Inch Nails.

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