So you gotta movie out, huh?

BVR: Yeah I got a fucking movie out check it out man Mojo fucking put together a fucking bad-ass fucking flick check it out it’s got all the messages and all the songs and all the lyrics that you want to hear from a half dead all the music you got pieces, you got I am the one, you got emotional breakdown, you got Evils of sin, you got to playing in the grave, you got all the songs in the new movie check out the movie it’s fucking great I get back to me at let me know how you liked it and I like to thank Mojo for this award I like to thank the academy I’d like to thank all the voters and I’d like to thank you mostly all my fans thanks Mojo you little fucking monster someone shouldn’t of kicked you in your and your vagina for this mess you made fuck y’all Lost Anarchy magazine nigga please.

Any plans for world domination?

BVR: Now and then you would all have to listen to me we would dominate the world but of course we would have to change the name of the United States to United States of the BVR and in return everyone would have to fucking bow down to half dead no taxes everyone have to go to strip bars every day and watch the half dead movie daily.

What kind of dictator would you be?

BVR: What kind of motherfucking dictator would I be? If fucking everyone would fucking get their fucking shit together everyone would fucking listen to my music every fucking day. Any country that got smart ass with the United States of BVR also gets fucking smashed. Of the two that would be enough to make them stop doing whatever the fuck they were doing I would make Mojo Diablo my Secretary of War I would make Layla Dethroe Secretary of sex education.


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